What is the actual new content in Age of War Season 1?

Greetings Exiles and Island dwellers.
Perhaps keener eyes than this one’s have found this out…
But is the money bin the only new content coming with the Age of War in the first Season?
By content, this one means things that are new to the game, not just modifications of existing things or reworks.
For Example, in Age of Sorcery, we got… Sorcery!
(Which includes the spells, the illusions, the teleport circle, the potion of rebirth, and the two flavors of temp allies from summoning circles and shallow graves)
This was in addition to the stat rework.
So, we know the big rework for this Age is Stamina/Combat…
But what is the content? Is it just the gold statues for cluttering up the home?

With the Age of Sorcery we also got Alchemist Decor and Blacksmith Decor as in game learnable crafting options. That’s some content.
Has anyone noticed Carpenter Decor or Herbalist Decor? Perhaps Miser Decor such as small coin stacks, bags, scales, ledgers, ect?

When the Age of Sorcery dropped, it also came with Witch Hunting. That’s content.

Is it really just the treasure pile?


Its a multi-staged effort at a rework of not just combat, but the purge system which is going to take the entire Age to come to fruition. By chapter three we will be reraiding the purgers… I consider that a huge game change. Sorcery did have more time before it than any coming age so I’m not sure its a good benchmark for comparison. The events/encounters did set the stage before sorcery was even released afterall.


that’s all true, but a lack of events is kinda blah. I get where @LostBrythunian is coming from. That being said, we know how anything new never actually works right, despite being mentioned in the test server. :unamused:


I would say all we know is there are currently no active events. They could be there and just not turned on yet for all we know.

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I highly doubt that they would do that. It would go against everything the test server is meant to do. If they don’t test new, or even old events amidst the other changes, they’d be shooting themselves in the foot when an eventual problem occurs in the live release. It would be worse than us knowing an issue is present and them not fixing it. It would be akin to them trusting their own QA without our involvement. Oh, and then they’d ask for screenshots and videos to show the problems. Straight up Guinea pig status.

Age of Sorcery, unfortunately, is the only benchmark we have to go by.
It’s the only Age format we have seen thus far.

However, that does not detract from what appears to be your agreement that this coming season is basically just reworks?

Have you had an ambush trigger while you are carrying ill gotten gains? This one has had limited time on the beta and never had one occur.

Full stop.
This one’s question was this season, not what is planned for release in 6-7 months.
When the next seasons are released, this one will judge them on their own merit and on how they build upon what was already presented in the Age.
But until they are upon us, they are as real as mounts and sorcery were at the game’s release (if we want to use benchmarks that aren’t the Age/Chapter format).

Edit: Okay, that was admittedly and unnecessarily snippy.
This one is, perhaps, a little crestfallen that the Age of War seems to contain a very high noise to signal ratio. This one had ruminated about an Age of War and had… higher expectations.
So far it seems like Age of Wheel Reinventing.


This, This, This, and This !

Rework of combat system, ok. Not sure how feel about it just yet, but where is the content that makes this Age stand on its own ? This doesn’t feel like an Age it feels more like a seasonal “change” (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) only though with no weather changes.


As this one understands it, that content is scheduled to be released across the later seasons in the Age.

This one thinks the balance of new to retread is starting this Age off on a bad foot.

But also, this one’s time on the test server is very limited, and the inquiry is honest.
This one would love to have missed something.

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Is that author behind Song of Ice and Fire?

If so, this one will need a bio break from laughter.

Not sure which chapter but there’s a place able wall with chains you can throw a thrall in for all of eternity. Really hoping that’s on this chapters battlepass. If they stack you could maybe build a house out of them…

This one was not inquiring what the new monetization options are.
The Pass and Bazaar are means of supporting the addition of new content, the second they become an end in and of themselves this one is out.


What do the free items on the battle pass count as then?

Oh, that’s right, there are a couple that aren’t consumables.
Still part of the Battle Pass.
As they are only temporarily available to acquire and are not permanent additions to the game if offline.

Yes :smiley: South Park parody of GoT lol… the kids were complaining to him that he keeps promising that the dragons are coming, but all they see is guys with exposed wieners… so he got defensive :rofl:

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Remember when there was a new dungeon every 3 months? We need to go back to that, not all this smoke and mirrors.


Yeah I’m in the same boat here.

So far, Age of War is just reworks. In terms of tangible new content it’s nothing to really be impressed by. The alpha clan on my server seems to be happy about the incoming clan crests but that’s about it.

I gotta admit, my enthusiasm for this chapter is decidedly low. I may just wait out until chapter 2 unless they can show me new content or compelling gameplay in the meantime.


Well with all the noise the changes are making, I can understand why the purge is pushed out. Also all the old encounters are still there; they can be activated at any time. New ones of treasure hunters and what not wouldnt need test really as all the technical difficulty is really in setting up the structure to make them happen. Worst thing that happens is they fire the events and they dont start… I guess my main point is, sorcery had a much bigger runway. It doesnt surprise me that the following Ages will be more circumspect.

A bit upset about lack of BIG content in new era too.
So we must wait a 9 months to get full working Age of War?
I can remind you 1st chapter age of sorcery give us plenty of content (probably entire sorcery system). Age 2 and 3 more like the additions to that.
And i still don’t completely get this treasure box (and currency) idea.
So, why we need to bother to collect lets say 10000 gold in coins and treasures for what?
To trigger bigger purge? but why?
Or we can spend our treasures to buy stuff like high tier tools, weapons, thralls, upgrades, materials and smth completely unique?


Sounds like funcom SOP to me :grin:

Fairly sure that will be a chapter 2 thing.

The treasures and the vault/chest are in game.

When it comes right down to it they removed far more content from the age of Sorcery then they added with War; unless chapter 3 drops a lot more content; but that seems moot if they are just going to remove it in the next age.