What is wrong with these armors Funcom?

Ok, this is starter armor that gives heat resistance… Fair enough and it makes sense.

Ok, this is where things don’t make sense… Same armor but it is the epic version, but why does it give cold resistance? The starter version gave heat resistance.

This armor along with the epic version gives cold resistance. Why? Picture 2 and 3 does not make a bit of sense to give cold resistance. Both these armors should give heat resistance not cold. Would you really run around in the freezing cold in these armors? My suggestion is make these armor heat resistance and add more heat resistance armor to the game. As it is now the cold resistance dominates the game.


Faily new myself to the game, and yes it makes sense that your showing enough skin to take it to the beach really laughs, on the other hand, they could simply add a “Shawl” or “Cloak” slow off to the right of the character icon. Then just have it hang off the shoulders.