What just happened with server 3054 (EU PvE C). Character is gone, server removed from favourites


Tascha, official server #1999 has been acting very strange since Jhebbal Sag update, it kicks everyone from the server every couple minutes, when it happens it still shows players online even when everyone get kicked. It happens everyday, mostly at night.

Can you please check that?


I just pinged gportal so they can take a look


Yay thank you so much it is back !!!


Thank you, once I get home will log in to see if is normalized.


Okay Tascha, so I got home, log in the server, and… it still kicking out the players from mintues to minutes, sometimes in less than a minute, its happening right now. Unplayable.


I think I thound why this is happening.

I just learned, that this new Eveng Log, each time you open it, it lags the server, making it appear that will crash, if you check B (playerlist) it will show no players, as it would go down, then come back. I did a test with clan mates, everytime we open it, happens that.

At least, this is happening on the official server #1999 SA. It seems the server (or some error occuring with the codes?) can’t load so much data happening each time a player takes or put something from a container.


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