What kind of thralls do you like?

What thralls do you like most?

So far I like the Styian, Nord, and Pirates. Not sure which is best though.

The kind with big lungs. Breathing is important…


Breathing is important, I fully agree.

That said, I ind myself fond of Nordheimers or Cimmerians.

This one

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Doesn’t really matter, long as they dont have:

  • one of stupid hair styles I hate.
  • or massive planets, that make no sense.
  • Balding hair (do to glitch on one of long hair styles)

There no Khitans about map… they would likely be my farmed source for thralls.

Nords are my favorite since they only have 1 or 2 Aquilonians but those are rare/legendary thralls. *

The one who looks like my wife.

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I like the named ones who feel like there’s a story behind the name. Someone like Ciria the Mad or Ternis Burnbritches (or Grrr Legbiter) has surely done something interesting in his/her past to earn a moniker like that.

And of course, everyone with “Captain” in their name, because captains are cool. (Just watch Wall-E and you’ll know.)

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and now I imagine you spending twenty minutes in front of the mirror every morning, doing this:

Get that guy a sandwich.

Agreed. The only blonde ‘thrall’ I know of is Ladagira and she needs to be Admin pulled.
Dalinsia is the one I level the most so favorite by action. Also, you can’t really get a bad Dalinsia, even if they poopsock you with garbage perks

I think Senk the Pillowdancer is blonde.

She might have a blonde option in the world but I don’t think she comes off the wheel Blonde.
There might be some Tier 1-3 around Asagarth that are placed as blonde but I haven’t found one.

She looks like a mohawk brunette in the wiki picture.

Yeah I’m thinking of someone else. Cant remember her name. She has the shaved side head swoosh hairdo.

Voice is very underrated for thralls. Votaries are so much better with a battle cry than Relic Hunters.

I’m usually too lazy for thralls, so I mostly just go for whoever happens to be close by wherever I’m building. Usually this turns out to be bottom of the barrel Exiles or Black Hand.

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