What motivates you to keep playing?

Maybe this question is a little weird because conan offers many options.
But after several weeks (since release on consoles) playing siptah, i don’t know what to do now.

I have got a medium large base, some thralls, some pets… I went through all vaults, and have seen most parts of the map.
Purge isn’t that interesting because the thralls i would get from purge are also regular spawns on the map.
Surges aren’t my thing i guess.
Leveling up my thralls does not make sense because of the “thrall dies for no reason bug” and because all named fighter seem to get the same crap perks.

So i know this sounds weird, but i lost motivation keep on playing because i don’t know what to do.
Maybe you can give me some inspiration?

I see you are on PS4, so no mods sadly.

Challenge runs!
Use only one religion, use only one type of weapon, no followers, scavenger runs, no legendary runs, etc.

Or, that I like the most: keep yourself at low level, it makes things harder and forces you to think different, approach things in different ways.

There is always a method to increase the difficulty by things such as no followers/crafters, lowering the xp/gather rates, increasing the damage dealt to you, etc…

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I tend load a back up save, and just restart and try different weapons and weird ways of playing. XD

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Go through pvp. Or pve-c. Maybe you can try starting at a different starting point and use a different weapon this time.

I always love starting out and try out different servers, official ones.

Get into a clan. It’s always nice to play with others.

You can also take a break, stop and drop everything. Play other games, go out, enjoy the summer. You’ll find that you’ll be refreshed when you come back.


There are two things for me. The first is something which many people may not understand, but it is what brought me here to the forum in the first place. To try and convince the good people at Funcom to give Crom more artifacts and goodies. :mountain_snow:

The second is the in-game environment and atmosphere. I love wandering and getting lost in the beautiful immersive scenery and lush contrasting landscapes. The diversity from the wet jungles, to the dry deserts, and the frozen north keeps me coming back and getting lost in it over and over.



I played 800 hours without mods. Then switched and did another 4,000

For most people, I would say you only realistically get a few hundred hours out of CE. Unless you like building in which case you might be able to double your time with the game.

For many people, they keep playing simply because they feel they are quitting if they don’t. If they don’t relogin to refresh their buildings/thralls, then its like they wasted their time. The problem with this mentality is they’ve finished the game long ago and the time played wasn’t wasted as they had enjoyment. But they’re wasting their time now.

If the game is done for you. Move on. Seriously. There’s nothing wrong with this. Most of you have literally hundreds if not thousands of hours. For a $30 game that’s amazing. Most $60 titles give you 8-10 hours nowadays.

If you are on PC, mods can rejuvenate the game. But I highly recommend playing on someone else’s server to see how the mods work with each other before doing your own. When you do your own, start small. This isn’t Skyrim.

Also if you’re truly not ready to give up the game. Don’t be afraid of taking breaks. And yes that means letting those structures and thralls you have lapsing. I have personally gotten 1-60 (and more due to mods) several dozen times, and at least half of that is on 1x exp. Starting over is not bad.

Starting over gets way easier the more you do it. You start learning what you need and with the new stations, starting over is easier than ever since you don’t require T2 and T4 thralls to make basic progress not drag on (1:1 ratio iron/steel to reinforcement, steelfire, and alchemical base is a must as many of you know when building larger structures and bases).

And once you get used to starting over, you can learn to enjoy some of the more seasonal based servers which change up their themes occasionally which helps keep things fresh.

If you’re of the role-playing personality, then RP servers will keep you entertained for potentially years. Much better and higher quality RP in Conan than in WoW, or EQ, or SWTOR, or any other MMORPG.


I stick to singleplayer, so there’s nothing stopping me from building multiple bases with different themes around the map and populating them. I have my main Æsir themed base above the tree line in the north and a small Æsir village nearby so far. I enjoy going exploring the environment on horseback too. There’s also character copy at my disposal.


What helps for me is that I take breaks and play other games. I know it sounds really obvious, but it helps a LOT.

I come back a couple of months later and I feel like a new player again.

Don’t EVER, EVER, EVER forget that a computer game is just a bunch of pixels, not a way of life. There’s no oblgation.

For example, I got a little tired of my favorite game, Lord of the Rings Online, so I’ve gone back to an ancient game on my Xbox, Elder Scrolls Oblivion. LoTRO will just have to wait for me to come back.

Sorry Frodo lol.


I personally turned all xp multipler to 0.1 and items cost 2.5 purge I put to 15k and I have crafting time and thralls time to 3.5 with fuel burn time length cut in half along with food and drink set
To 1.6 and it’s been 5 weeks and I’m only at lvl 17


I enjoy building and I enjoy finding the easiest or most efficient way of doing things. And I’ve taken several breaks since launch.

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Darth Vader… but I need more men. :grin:jk. Taking inspiration from other games or movies can breathe new life into builds. ‘Can I build it in Conan?’ as I stare at Skyrim’s Whiterun. No, not just Dragonsreach. All of it.


I have seen some Skyrim inspired builds they look really nice.

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To me, finishing a game is a big relief… But going back to get more trophies is such a pain (to me at least)… Unless the game is mindless stuff like Broforce, it just feels hard for me to get back into a game just to get all those trophies…

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