What Should I Be Expecting?

Hello. I know this is a surivival game, but is a multiplayer online game nonetheless.

I have played World of Warcraft way back in the past and Elder Scrolls Online for the past year, but what should I be expecting from this game in terms of its multiplayer online aspect? I have seen videos of dungeons (and they were awesome by the way) from this game but it’s just one-man.

Also, I was hoping to avoid slashing and piercing weapons such as swords and daggers, so is there an option to have a weapon in the game to allow you to just knock human enemies out? Can one be a spell caster in the game?

Anyway, I am currently downloading this game and can’t hide my excitement.


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Yes, but they’re intended for taking slaves, and thus are horribly inefficient compared to a regular weapon. There are “blunt” weapons like hammers that kill though, and they’re more in line with their bladed cousins. Don’t expect to avoid blood however - cutting a man in half and having his legs fountain blood all over the place is a thing!

Not currently, though it’s being worked on. However, we are not likely to see that update for quite a while, since they’re currently testing a major update that’ll allow us to have pets (and much more). So until that is done, the Sorcery update can’t even start testing. In any case I doubt being a “full fledged” spellcaster will ever be viable as a playstyle in its own right - it’s much more likely to be a complement to smacking people around in melee. That last bit is just speculation though.

Excellent. Prepare to get smacked around at first, this game is not forgiving to new players. But if you’re picking PVE (a good choice for learning even if you eventually want PVP) you should be okay. I also recommend using offline/singleplayer for learning the building system, which (while generally excellent) has its own idiosyncrasies - and learning those can be time-consuming if done the hard way.

Do note that the game still has bugs, sometimes pretty big ones, and you’ll probably run into them sooner or later.

First, let me say to get access to better weps you need levels. Levels come quickly when you master your Journey Steps. One of the early Journey Steps is “craft a dedicated weapon.” The sword may be the icon in the unlock portion of the recipe – but there’s also a stone club. If you want to have fun for the first kill, craft a stone club instead of a sword.

You can’t knock out human enemies in multiplayer. You can only stun humanoid NPCs with special weapons and arrows. So the stone club is just a maul that cracks skulls. Use it to kill humanoid NPCs, and they sometimes drop better weapons. And the beat goes on. If you can handle the mechanics of the mace (one-handed club), you will be able to use a truncheon to successfully knock out thralls – a lot of people have trouble getting used to it – so I recommend adopting it early.

If you want a really nice, and surprisingly powerful only semi-slashy sword, acquire the two-handed stone sword. Get competent with it, then by the time you’re crafting iron, you’ll be up to speed on a nice two-handed metal weapon. Axes and maces will probably be too extravagant for you.

PVP is brutal and scary when the servers are full. When they’re less full, PVP is gang-like and tribal. You’re more likely to be killed on sight (KOS) now during summer break/resumption of class/work than during heavy server pops. Keep insects or berries on your bar for easy healing. Most of all, have fun! I’m 13 hours shy of 3,000 and it has yet to get old.


If you want to knock out non-npc entities (IE other players), then let me introduce you to the Slaver Mod. Some private servers (unofficial, yet still on the server list) run this mod to allow you to knock other players out, bind them, and stick 'em in a cage. :smile:

My suggestion for someone starting out (if you are looking for pvp) is to try out a PVE-C server. You can still kill or be killed by other players, but they can’t wipe your base, which creates a safe zone. This allows you to explore the end game with materials in tact, and find better locations/ learn how to build better. Them 60 degree wedge pieces take some getting used to. :sweat_smile:

Spell casting is not yet in the game, but it should be soon! We have no details as of yet, to what that’ll entail or consist of though. Welcome to the community and good luck Exile!


Best way? Just jump straight into the deep end. Go PVP server.

Sink or swim.

Learn how to cook food and how to make armor and weapons in single player first…

I thought most were complaining about not having enough people to populate servers. Don’t run the newcomers off that fast. :sweat_smile:

Judging by your gaming background @Rontabs, I would suggest a private RP-PVP server (not to be confused with ERP :expressionless:). There are rules in place to promote a healthy environment and full use of the games systems.

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People who are new are nothing but livestock for veteran players…
Seeing how a really, really tiny amount of players ask in the forums, I would always recommend them to test things out in pve at first. At least level up to 30ish in pve.
Reason for that is that the game doesnt exactly swim in interested players, so obviously it would be bad if the newbie was victim to a thief because the neighter knew how to lock chests, nor placed workbenches far away from windows. Quite a few people just ragequit over stuff like that. And its a lot of people who dont know what to think of when building.

If a pvp player wants others to ragequit, he should rather be happy to find enemies on his server, not like the ones I have played on since a month ago (or longer)… Because i.e. 1152 is dead, I dont know for how long.


Find a good community on a private server and don’t bother with official.

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Oh, (almost) good morning mr private server. :slight_smile:
(All the times the topic of official or private servers is touched, you always seem to glorify private servers. So for me you got that nickname. :smile:)

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