What to avoid when leveling the unconquered challenge?

Hello, me and my friends are currently doing the unconqurered challenge.

And have died to some pretty stupid things that could have been avoided if only we knew about it. And so i thought of doing some research, but the information was limited. And here I am asking if people know of, or have experience about certain things that is just plain dangerous if you are on the challenge.

Things we have died to as an example of what information we are searching for is:

The quest in wild lands of zelata named Curse of Flies
-This quest gives a debuff wich kills you after 12 min. And if deleted(as we did) becomes bugged and you cannot remove the curse.

A Group mob in Thunder River
Cant remember the name, he’s a level 68 elite in the pict camp at the east side of the river.
This one spawned two enraged adds once we engaged. These adds semlessly oneshoted our barb friend and 3 shotted a fully cistern/mainsystem geared level 64 guardian in defensive stance. Tottaly insane compared to all other group elite mob we have encountered.

So please if there is anything else we need to look out for, give us a heads up!

If you haven’t seen this thread- reposting

Other than disconnections- the way I have lost is not paying attention and being too brave (or stupid), thinking I was could take on more mobs than I should. I was just say be aware of the surrounds and don’t pull more than two or three mobs at one time. And watch for Boss’s like Lunn- I am on a break from unconqueored- for now.

Good Luck

Lunn was his name!

Edit: also, thanks for reply!

He’s Lunn. I don’t know why they made it like this, but he can easily kill a lvl 80 tank. If you aggro him, RUN! :sweat_smile:


If you don’t have a group of 6 players you trust 100% and/or know all mechanics, skip all group-dungeons.
Black castle has some nasty traps.
1st boss at cradle of decay will charm players.

As well I’d skip pyramids of the ancients, last boss will kill you, if you do a small mistake at using the protection items needed for this fight.

If you are a group you might think about going to northern graslands for the Last few levels- don’t. The snakes there have a chance to stack a debuff on you, which once it reaches 10 starts a 5 minutes timer that will kill you when it runs out. You can only get rid of it if you have the quest from the hyrkanian witch.

And I can’t remember it’s name, but there is a low level quest from…Old Tarantia I think for the Sanctum of burning souls, something about an ancient book, that will randomly spawn minions that attack you. Usually no big deal, but in a low health situation they can blow the final strike on you.

Having leveled four Unchained toons already (and leveling some more at the moment), I would suggest the following:
0) ALWAYS BE TOP GEARED (AT LEAST BLUE CRAFTED GEAR) ON YOUR LEVEL! Spare no gold or time on this, this is your survival for 99% of situations.

  1. First of all, do a quests in three hub cities, and then all three starting locations first, one after one, before going to lvl 40+ locations.
  2. Avoid tricky instances like Pyramid of the Ancients where buggy mechanics or your own sloppiness can kill you and ruin your work.
  3. Avoid group dungeons at all.
  4. Avoid doing any group mobs solo until you’re at least 30+ levels higher, and even then attempt such mobs of no more than lvl 40-45.
  5. Ignore Hunting achievement bosses, since some of their mechanics like Heartseeker can kill you very fast regardless of your level.
  6. Enter a location only when you have 10+ more levels than its intended range.
  7. Start grinding Tarantia Noble villa quests as early as you can, and do so until lvl 78.
  8. Last two levels should be taken carefully in Kheshatta, if you cannot take gear on lvl 75, or in Villasas well if you can.
  9. In any case, avoid entanglement with more than two mobs at once, and use your CC readily. In villas study the layout of each of them and exploit it.

Should be a quest from Fabio (or something like that) to pick up the scroll in border range. If you continue that questline it leads to sanctum.

I did my unconq from 40-80lvl by doing only villas (clearing all mobs inside not just doing quests), it tooked for me like a month plus (3-5villas daily) as F2P without any xp boosts n etc.

Okai, lot ot common sense here! I appreciate the feedback!

The snakes in northern grasslands was a nice heads up!

Havent really thought about villas since we are a group of 3 and our comp is designet to not die.
with BS, guard, barb we have proven to be allmost invincible since we can mostly just cc mobs til they are dead no matter how big the pull. But the issues are rare mobs that just oneshot things and awkward debuffs.

What i am looking for is more specific.
We have decided not going near any group bosses at all. since the warmonger inn thunder river really was a warmonger.

Now that i came to think of it. Isnt there a super dangerous boss in conalls too?

I think biggest danger in conalls is not mobs or some bosses but mountains and hills, you can fell off and die pretty easy especially if u love to spam sprint.

I don’t think so, but I wouldn’t recommend Conall’s anyway. I think the best low level area is Gateway to Khitai.
If you go there, however, be careful of the horses near the entrance, they are group mobs, but they can be resetted quite easily if you run away.

Yeah, I tend to level in gateway too at least at 30+, but if you have to level up x times because you lose unconquered, I do see the benefit of mixing things up where you can to avoid the repetetiveness.

I would recommend avoiding any and all “solo” dungeons. Those are the places most likely to have an unexpected server disconnect.

Also, be careful at the hyrkanian section of gateway. Mobs there are crowded and when you pull too much, not only are horseback archers going to follow your ■■■, but their arrows will SLOW you. God I hate those bastards lol.