What to do when a clan decimated your server

Hello I have been running a server for a while on Conan exiles PS4 (sword of crom 5x boosted) and we have just been having a lot of problems with a new clan that came on and started destroying everyone and harassing them in chats we have banned them but the server is now really quite it’s a 40 server and we barely have 10 left as a lot of people rage quit and are taking a break… what can I do to boost the server again and get new people to play and join it, it’s a great server and we host monthly admin events with great prizes and our admins are active everyday so no chance of the server closing, the admins are always available to help anyone who doesn’t know the game and deal with any issues that arise

If it’s an actively moderated server, then what happened that allowed a brand new clan to destroy the sense of community? I mean, I personally would want some assurance that there’s no harassment tolerated at all, especially on chat.

From that standpoint, try to give some reassurances of your moderation policies and what is expected in the “social contract” one enters by joining your server.

Yeah this is confusing. If the server is moderated then how did a clan come on and just do whatever they wanted? Ban them. Add their IP to blacklist. Have admin become a god and decimate everything they own, everyday. I really don’t see how this is an issue in a private server.

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Well currently on PS4 servers the Admins can not scroll down the list of players to see the names of the ones below the first page to select them to ban them.
So this is probably what happened and it took time until the Admins found a way around it to get the offenders banned.

It did take me a few days to ban them due to this issue I do not go around giving freebies to everyone and the problem is that at the time we have 3 full clans join all at once, they were quiet and behaved for a while and then all of a sudden we were inundated with messages from players saying they were quitting as they were raided at first and when they started to rebuild they were raided again and again even with banning they would jump online place bombs and jump offline again before I could get to their id on the list on a 40 person server trying to find 1 or 2 names when it was full is difficult

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