What's next?! :)

Love the game, still having a blast with the content, but we’re all on the edge of our seats here.

Funcom pls, what’s next for content <3?

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wooooo roadmap!! :smiley:

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Content wise, there is still a huge part of map that is “empty” so at least 2-3 DLCs similiar to Swungle/Volcano (those were free).

Feature wise, taming wildlife is almost there - we have baby animals, we have code for “taming” NPCs. So just adapt this for catching animals and we are done :tiger:

Also sorcery is something that would be doable in the future. We have corruption, just use it like mana/spell power. The more your character is corrupted, the more powerfull spells you can cast and deal more damage. The strongest sorcerers would have to balance on the edge of death!

Mounts are no-go for now. Too much work, the world is not ready for fast moving players (except for cheaters, that is). But IMHO there could be some animals, tamed, skilled, slow, just as a beast of burden (not rideable)… elephants? :elephant:

They can also rise the player level up to 80 so we can get more recipes, perks.

But this is just my fantasy and we all know what this game needs now: to crush all the bugs!


I wouldn’t expect too much, the game is literally finished and final now.

We will most likley get a few things and mostly bug fixes, to expect lots of new content isn’t really very realistic at all. There was a reason they rushed to go final.

Before they add anything new they should really fix the game first. Some bugs and server stability are still a huge issue. Rebalancing combat and equipment should also be a concern.

This game has already been more popular than i think they thought it would be, bugs n all.

The general comments I see in global chat on the always full server I’m on give the impression that 99% of players are loving it. Everyone gets annoyed by the bugs but most just have a laugh at them an press on.

If they’re smart they’ll sort out the bugs then finish the missing content then start with some paid dlc.

I wouldn’t have a problem parting with some more cash for more content.

How about an answer Funcom? Was the player response to Saga good enough to warrant you guys paying some attention to further development of awesome, but sadly neglected, AoC?

The games 3 weeks old and u want new content lol. Grow up already

You misunderstand. I wasn’t expecting new content right away… just some sign that there would be sometime in the future.

They’ve already stated that there will be no new additions to this map and that it is complete. The blank areas will remain blank and any new areas or biomes will be on a new map. Kindly do your research and do not spread false information.

The only way they would update this map is if, down the line, they completely remade it and released a complete overhaul patch. That’s simply not feasible right now.

nope I do not expect anything big new content from here tbh

We are getting a dlc and more free features but the question is what are they as they are being quite tight lipped about that.

it’s far from finished game , bugged asf product that just had “oficial release” for me it’s still early acces asf… im very disapointed with that game atm.

The game is over a year old moron.

No, its not moron, it was RELEASED 8th may.

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