What's your favorite building style in Conan Exiles?

Like many, I love the insulated wood look. It’s elegant in its simplicity, looks natural and realistic, and doesn’t clash with other “vanilla” designs too much. And out of all building styles in the game, insulated wood looks the most like stuff with which you’d build a house. I have a bar, a brothel and a few residential buildings built with insulated wood in my city, New Sanctuary, and with proper interior decorations (many of which I feel I now need to replace, thanks for the Debaucheries DLC, it’s awesome!) they can each be personalized to look different.

When building fortified strongholds, black ice looks wonderful, but regular reinforced brick and Arena styles are nice, too.

If anyone is interested in these techniques (and it seems there are some :smile:), I made a thread for these here:

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Arena frontier and stonebrick (combined with insulated wood and black ice and (khitan: ceilings and foundations only)).

It looks great with each other and look medievall enough for my personal building style.

Frontier: wood and better than insulated wood, sadly the windows are on the small side
Arena: because of the arches in stairs and ceilings, sadly the corner pillar is missing and no arches for wedges.
Stonebrick: because the bricks still looks the best, saldy we dont have crenelated fences, stairs and ceilings look mostly bad in my opinion

Aquilonian for me!!! Marble-like, clean,shiny , white,and poshy, as every great civilization should be, sticks out and looks solid… Perfect for sny biome!!! After that the games black ice is nice and i kinda like the frontier walls and ceilings for the interior deco they have. But aquilonia is defo my favourite…

Mixing white Aquilonian with black BlackIce can make very beautiful buildings if done correctly.

I always use sandstone and only sandstone. not for the style but for the resource grind. I hate resource grind :face_vomiting:

I totally understand you. The grind is real. I’m weird and have a 1x harvesting multiplier on my Solo game and harvest and build everything without admin commands, and building anything bigger is a real long-term project. One would imagine 12,000 stone is a lot, but as soon as you start building in T3, that amount won’t make a noticeable difference in a big house - just a few foundations and walls. The same amount is enough to build a whole village in sandstone.

I’m currently building a Turanian palace. The throne room alone is six storeys high and 11x11 foundations wide. It’s taking me aaaaaages…

Khitai is amazing: foundations are great, like doors and windows … only downside are walls (too poor in details) and stairs … I like more “solid” stairs, like Aquilonian or Arena ones.

Insulated Wood is also great: it looks “wild” and “barbaric”…
I’d really like a T3 version of those wooden building. Again the only downside are stairs, which I’d like to be more “solid” ahah

I do want to point out one thing.

Alot of designs I love, DO NOT have the silly spike son them. XD

Black ice looks so wonderful, but them spikes… >_>
They have this nice brick texture and inside wood panels. But over use of spikes, LOL

I would love for one of DLC/Free-Updates to drop a dark color brick theme like Black-ice minus spikes. =3


I agree, black ice has awesome skins but too many ugly spikes. I never use it just because of this, it’s really too much and exagerated.

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Nobody really wants to go after that fortress in the volcano, so you oughtta be attacked somewheres. :stuck_out_tongue:

Truly I have been unimpressed by how Black Ice looks in the snow, simply because there isn’t enough contrast between the nubs and the gorgeous wintry hues. The only exceptions would be in one of the ice caves in IceSpire, OR in your volcano base. That color contrast, with the glints of light coming off with reddish hues is actually quite striking. I recommend experimenting with Black Ice in the volcano, definitely.

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