Wheels benches and volcano

Game mode: [Online | pve ]
Problem: [| Bug || Misc]
Region: [eu]

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Hey there since the last update all wheels off pain seem to stop when you leave the area or possibly at server reset I’ve got four wheels full of fighters waiting to be put to use I come bk in the morning and there half cooked so press play to continue taming check bk later three quarters good yh go to bed for the night come bk there only half cooked again so not only dose the wheel keep stoping having been using groul all day they then untame like a quarter to half bar again what’s going on ? Also the volcano I think is broken I’ve been farming it for the thralls for two weeks now for maybe 6 hours a day not getting any named thralls out of there and where the cook and sayd the named alchemist appear as you turn right from the obelisk there a performer keeps spawning witch I think is ment to be a named alchemist or cook but you knock it out drag it bk to the wheel it insta cooks into a bag then dose nothing I’ve been all over the thralls in the volcano not one named thing in two weeks no fights no archers cooks ect the volcano supposed to have the best but the best are never around and it’s not like the server I’m playing is that populated I know 6-12 guys that play there getting nothing to from the volcano I’m gonna run it again now and see been running it every 15 mins to ensure respawn for the last two weeks at least 6 hours a day and nothing it’s a joke otherwise the rest of the game seems good for now also improved armour’s and blacksmith and furnace seem to stop cooking even tho there’s plenty of fuel and what not I put all the slow stuff on to cook like reinforced steel an iron and smelt metal in to iron steal and hardened steel bars meaning when I come on again I’ve still gotta cooking costing more time waiting around when it should have been done needs sorting

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That was hard to read man! Punctuation helps. :joy: I haven’t placed a thrall camp in the volcano yet, but I have definitely noticed a change in named thrall spawns. It seems to me that they have picked certain spawns to be completely random in specialization and tier where there would otherwise be a guarantee.

Yh sorry bout that wasn’t thinking was ranting lol. Volcano still broken nothing named spawning. wheels continue to keep stopping either when leaving the area or sever reset not sure.
Benches stop crafting still again either after leaving the area or server reset.
armoured tamming pens stopped crafting to had to take all the babies out witch gave the food bk and put them bk in to tame again.

I can confirm just about every crafting station to include wheels turn off on ps4 as well

Thankx Mr smoking not just me then that’s good to know. The only way were gonna get these problems fixed is if we all vote from what I’ve read, where to vote I don’t know.

Just in volcano again, where sayd the cook spawns is a broken performer again.

Bummer that performer is still broken.
I saw sayd there tonight on official pve so his spawn is working. Just shared with others now.

I’ve got pictures but won’t let me upload them for some reason I’ll keep trying have killed the performer again now we will see next in 15 mins for respawn.

In the volcano again same thing no named thralls/fighters just a performer in sayd’s spot the volcano is almost dead to me.

Hey there,

Thrall spawn tables and crafting queues stopping on server restart has been fixed just recently on PC. It will come in a patch for consoles soon.


No problem Thankx ignasis :grinning:

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