When is age of sorcery coming?

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But I dislike that too.

Not to mention nightingale: almost everything CE promised in Q4 this year… alass its not pvp and i still love exiles

I wasn’t talking about steam sweetheart. I was talking about call of duty,ark updates, Gundam games, new wrestling game and etc.

I laughed, cool and funny post… But he really does have an actual point…

With VERY little overlap:

Those are lists that kinda relate to what Conan is and how it plays but there are more and bigger lists of games of different genera. I could add summary videos for days…


People do change up - it’s not uncommon:

Harry Potter calls them wizards and witches. They need wands to cast spells. They also study magic. Sorcerers they are not. Just because your parents are born wizards or witches because of the family bloodline of wizards and witches doesn’t make you a sorcerer. Hermione is a muggle whom can used magic. Both of Hermione parents are muggles. Sorcerers have bloodline magic. Meaning they were born sorcerers and don’t need to study magic. They tested it by casting magic at will. A lot of the Conan movies shows sorcerers using magic freely without ingredients or having to study it. Magic comes natural to a sorcerer like a weapon comes natural to a barbarian.

As in, you need to train really hard in order to be good at using it? However you define “barbarian”, the skill of using weapons is not innate. Even your D&D level 1 barbarian class who has proficiency with all simple and martial weapons has had 16+ years of life and training before starting their first campaign.

(That said, I tried out a Dane axe for the first time a couple of weeks ago. It felt really good in my hand, as if it was made for me, which is probably wrong on very many levels. I felt like going out to find a Northumbrian monastery to raid.)

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You really think that every fantasy story has a mandatory categorization and shared definition on these terms still?

I know you’re absolutely insane but please Harry Potter is not Conan in the slightest

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Actually, yes, I think you can categorize the types of magic used in fantasy stories. The problem here, however, is that neither the “learning magic from books” approach nor the “born with the ability to do magic” approach is being employed. Robert E. Howard correctly uses the “pact with demons” approach (thaumaturgy). And Funcom has correctly tried to capture that essence (getting supernatural beings to do one’s bidding in exchange for something – in this case, corrupting the soul for eternal damnation).

@Jimbo is right that Conan is not Harry Potter. The Conan world has thaumaturgy magic (not wizards or sorcerers in the Dungeons & Dragons sense of the genre).

Ah the mastery of memes and added some classics too. :smiley:

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