When is age of sorcery coming?

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As much as Bryan pains my soul, this. It’s absolutely trolling, but at least it’s a welcome distraction from the hundreds of cookie cutter copypaste threads whining about official servers

Nice flag, Boobie. Go back to your other threads


@Jimbo @BoogerParty

Ok if you look at it from the point of view.
Then it really is a welcome change.
I can’t read the whining either.


It has another good thread with enlightening. It compares “same” female butts and at the end one judge will define the best from the “same” butts, isn’t this cool enough :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

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When did sorcery born babies become a dnd thing only? Explain the sorcery data base then. 28 days left. 1-2 days left for the demo.

When d&d made it a thing. Go read a book, please.

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Read to us papa Jimbo.


I read a book once. The Lord of the Rings. Turns out Tolkien totally ripped off D&D too. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, I’ve actually seen people seriously make that claim, so for those who may not be aware:

Lord of the Rings published in 1954.
D&D published in 1974.


As this one recalls from the nice lady’s Livestream, Funcom had wanted to already have 3.0 on testlive.
This one would guess it is either being furiously worked on by some poor intern who didn’t get to go on the Norwegian national month off (that’s a jest)… or it will drop soon after they get back from Fellesferie.

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Yup… and what does that say about the 17 of you… err, 18 of us that fell for it, now contributing over 50 replies. LOL


That the hyperdrive broke down and it’s still going to be a while yet before a rescue ship can arrive and the only food we have to eat is something called KFC from some crappy planet that happens to be near by so we really don’t have anything better to do?

Or is that just me? :thinking:

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I mean I barely even lurk here anymore because I just cannot make myself care about 90% of the threads nowadays, so I’ll take what entertainment I can get until I drop off the radar again for another few months.

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For me it’s mostly a distraction. Work for an hour, read nonsense here or on the developer forums for 30min, repeat. When work is over game for a few hours… sleep, wake up, do it all again.

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There are many games coming out. Hopefully age of sorcery comes out before them. I am sure there a lot of anime games coming out. Call of duty and what else am I forgetting? Not to mention a lot of improvements to old open world survival games.

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I hope when sorcery drops they add a “conceal virginity” spell because boy this thread is painful


He’s got a point guys. I just had a peak at Steam’s upcoming game releases on SteamDB and in the next week or so alone there’s well over 150 new games coming out. Not sure how Age of Sorcery is going to compete with the likes of Jigsaw Puzzle - Futanari Pool Party, Beaver Clicker, Gamer Girls: Futanari, or Bicycle Rider Simulator.

I mean, that’s some pretty stiff competition.


I hate this.


It is what it is. Sex sells.

But I dislike that too.

Not to mention nightingale: almost everything CE promised in Q4 this year… alass its not pvp and i still love exiles

I wasn’t talking about steam sweetheart. I was talking about call of duty,ark updates, Gundam games, new wrestling game and etc.

I laughed, cool and funny post… But he really does have an actual point…

With VERY little overlap:

Those are lists that kinda relate to what Conan is and how it plays but there are more and bigger lists of games of different genera. I could add summary videos for days…


People do change up - it’s not uncommon: