When will the next official servers be shut down in 2023?

I salute you, my fellow exiles!

Is there currently a way to find out which official servers will go offline in 2023?

In my case: Me and my buddy have been playing on PVP server #1100 for a while now. Was a lot of fun too. But now we both have less time and would like to risk a very relaxed restart on PvEC server #1040, where we want to play through the whole story, build a few visually appealing fortresses and also like to fight one or the other duel. We actually calculate six to eight months for this - but of course we would be frustrated if the server were to go offline in the course of coming year 2023.

I am very grateful for durable and binding statements and thank you in advance for every concrete answer!

There have been no announcements for additional server number reductions.

The last happened in the spring.

The best you can do is keep an eye of the forums and announcements.

And don’t invest time on dead servers. I don’t see truly dead servers as much anymore but there are cycles as some fall out of favor and others pop up in popularity.

EU 1040 has always been a popular server, I would be surprised to see it targeted for shut down. There are quite a few people still actively playing on that server.

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