When will the old decay time be restored?

It’s almost September already and the decay time was supposed to be reverted this month.

If not now, then when will the old decay time be reinstated?

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Hopefully never for PvE… People have jobs and life.
At least pump it up to 10…

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From my point of view it is perfect as it is now and could be left so forever.

While I’m eager for it to revert from being 14 days (cleaning up on PvE is a pain at 14 days), 10 seems like a reasonable compromise. Regardless, Grace Period when something enters decay should remain 24 hours and not get multiplied by holiday or other adjustments.

10 maybe for PvE, I don’t play it because those servers are often a literal mess but for PvP, people do stupid stuff like throwing small structures everywhere for land claim and forget about em or we get the occasional new player littering everywhere before they get bored/stomped and dissapear.

It’s just that I’ve noticed a lot more clutter since everything went to 14days and for the sake of performance and not having to waste excessive amounts of resources to clean up other peoples trash, I’d prefer it go back to 7.


They bumped the decay time on PS4 in April and haven’t reverted it since. As near as I can tell it’s not causing any problems either. Hopefully they’ll leave it the way it is now.

Even with a 14 day decay timer I see alot of buildings decayed so honestly I think it should stay like this. If players quit you don’t need to destroy anything, just wait and demolish. Honestly 7 days put alot more restraint to people that actually do things IRL like work and school and 14 days is perfect to maintain a somewhat decent player base by including all those people. Yet again patience is a virtue and everyone can wait for things to decay but even so right now there some servers with very low population and feels like a 7 day decay timer will only decrease it even more. That’s my opinion but not that it matters, what matters is whether FC decides to keep it or not. They know what’s best for the game


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Why not make it 10? And what harm did the 14?

Or just make a community poll?? You know, people who play your game…

Note that this is only on official servers. Private servers will be unaffected by this.

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Oh well. It’ll be nice to have the server to myself again. I wish I could loot decayed bases.

You can, it all gets put into a bag or atleast some if it does. I’ve noticed a few small bases drop bags.

Whether this is intended or not I’m unsure but it’s happened a few times.

On PvP, yes. On PvE, no. It’s a change they made earlier this year.

How will this go when it will be reverted ? Are the current decay times reset to zero or 168h when server restarts ? Not that suddenly all buildings are wiped if you miss to login on that day……

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