Where are Watcher boots?

Why are there no boots of the watcher?
I have got the
Gloves,Pants ,Torso from today’s drop tomorrow is the mask but I see no boots ???
Any ideas?


There are none, quote “ bug assassins love to touch the grass with their bare feet” :man_shrugging::joy:


I hope that’s a troll. Why would they make this cool armor set and leave it unfinished?

It also feels lazy and makes the set feel unfinished. Just make a boot armor with open bottoms.

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Bonjour, j’ai loupé les gants de l’observateur il 'y à t-il un moyen de les avoirs?
Merci de vos réponses

I’d be curious what the lore reference is for the watcher. I’m betting its true they go barefoot…

what if witcher armor e
Was the religious zath set that got discarded by the show a lot one currently in the game? Maybe the set was not meant to have bootS

The set certainly looks spiderish to me

Maybe waiting for cool new effect to come into play so Boot have sticky powers or something. XD
Knockback protecting or something…

Or maybe the boots got stuck in a web…

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Most pairs of boots would fit with it already, just dye something for it. Also, it might look nice without boots. Sort of like how Bikini’s don’t normally come with matching hats.

I find the basic light armor boots fit the raggedy look pretty well with the right shades of dye.


When I sit back relax and put my feet up to watch a show, I have no boots on.

I expect the armor of Zoom not have pants in the set.

I would like to see boots of Zath added with the same effect as the climbing boots they could also add the effect to the gloves as well that would be cool maybe a bit overpowered but cool.

I use silver anklets for my Watcher set

This isn’t the first armor set left incomplete. The Primeval set, put in with the Isle of Dusk, is missing its arm/hand component. And lets not talk about the fact that none of the Vault Armor sets have pants…

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