Where can I get actual support?

I don’t understand how Funcom can except other users to provide support. I am having a technical issue and need to contact Funcom…not waste my time with this forum.

I cannot join any server from any PC in my house. I have installed CE on each PC that I have and I get the same “Failure to join requested game” error on every server.

As far as I see it…you guys took my money and now won’t give any assistance to play the game that I purchased.

I have seen many people get their problems resolved here by players that have had the same issues. Funcom can’t always replicate every single issue because there are so many different PC setups possible.
I have gotten that error several times on my servers. It usually means that the server and client versions do not match. One or the other needs to be updated. or there is a Mod that is not matching or needs updating.
If that doesn’t solve the problem, more information is needed.

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Thanks for replying! I figured my questions were falling through the cracks.

I do not use any mods and I cannot connect to official and unofficial servers alike. In the bottom right of the screen, it is telling me that I am using Revision (#104551/18892).

Like I mentioned, I have tried multiple computers and everyone of them has had this problem. I am unsure what else to try.

I am currently using TestLive install so I cannot verify what the current version is. If you have a decent internet connection, I would suggest updating to the TestLive version and see if you can connect to one of those servers. The current build includes the updated combat and pets so it’s a large download. If you still can’t then I would guess that your router or firewall may be blocking the needed ports. If you don’t want to try the other version you can check your ports first

How do I update to the Test version?

And also, what would I check with my firewall and ports? Are there ports that I should have open?

Let me first ask this… Have you ever been able to play this game online? Can you play other MP games online?

I play MP games all the time. I used to play CE back in EA but I have been feeling the itch to try it out again since so much has changed. But I have been unable to stretch thelat itch due to these errors.

Sounds like steam needed to update the game, but I would think that would give you a warning before launching it.

Have you right clicked the game in the library, gone to properties and set up updates?

I have tried that and it told me that I am up-to-date with the updates.

Yeah, that and the mods were the only problems I’d had similar to yours in the past. Sorry i don’t have any further suggestions :sweat:

No problem. I appreciate the help. I just wish that Funcom could help me out and tell me what exactly is wrong.

I wouldn’t exactly call their support and feedback top notch, lol.

Haha, I can honestly say that it is non-existent.

So I basically have a digital paperweight because I am not able to play this game online. I can play it SP but what’s the point? Lol

Hi McHolty, I do not know the setup of your network but it looks like you have a router with a build in firewill that is either incorporated in your modem or you have a router behind your modem to distribute the traffic to your pc’s. Try disabling the firewall or try to bypass it with a cable to narrow down to the problem. If you have a smartphone try with tethering to exclude that the problem is with your local machines.

Hey Skinny, I do have a router/modem combo. I’ll look into the firewall suggestions but I do not have a way of bypassing the router due to them being the same device.

Ok then try to disable it, when it works when disabled turn it on again and look up the port that you need to open for Conan exiles.

Try restarting everything in your network…let unplugged for five minutes then turn back on.

Funcom’s Product Support is easy to remember it’s http://help.funcom.com/
or https://www.funcom.com/help

Failure to join usually means you’re timing out between the client and the server. I have an especially slow upload that occasionally gets throttled due to wildfires in the area. When I was troubleshooting I did the following:

Open CE and leave it at the main menu.

  1. In Steam, View | Servers
  2. Click Internet, wait for the list to fully populate
  3. Scroll down to Official Server #xxxx and find one with a latency in the 70s
  4. Right-click server and Add to Favorites
  5. Right-click server and click Connect to server

If it fails, click Play Online in the Conan Exiles main menu, and in the next window, server browser, select Favorites in the drop-down. Try to connect to your selected server from here. Also observe the ping that is reported, it will be helpful feedback.

Funcom’s Product Support is easy to remember it’s http://help.funcom.com/
or https://www.funcom.com/help

For Conan Exiles, this is not true. We will not provide support for Conan Exiles at help.funcom.com/. Many of our customers have become accustom to the type of service we offer for our MMOs (Anarchy Online, Age of Conan, and Secret World Legends). However, this type of support is simply not possible for Conan Exiles for a number of reasons. The biggest and most important factor that contributed to this decision is the size of the player base. We are a small and dedicated support staff, and we simply can’t provide direct, personalized support to everyone.

It is also that case that the vast majority of issues can be only be solved by an update to the game. For this reason, we’ve set these very forums up for the specific purpose of communicating issues to developers. I know that simply reporting issues isn’t the same as having a Customer Support representative provide you with an answer, or walk you through a fix. And I understand that you might feel that your posts are ignored or just not seen, but this is not true. Our developers use these forums to determine how they need to devote their time and resources.

Some of you may have talked to me if you received help through help.funcom.com/ before we discontinued support at that site. I made a post with every solution I found while I worked on tech issues that players reported. You’ll find that here:


If you think there is a common issue that isn’t found in that post, then please send me a DM. I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to provide a solution, but I can do my best to update this post and provide information whenever possible.