Where is official discord?

Can someone tell me Why this is only game i seen that dont got official discord?

This isn’t the only game with out an official discord, and the official discord was close because 90% of the people that joined it did so just to be toxic and run down funcom. People were getting banned in mass.


Lol… I didn’t even know about it. Go figure… it must have been short lived. :roll_eyes:

I did notice that a lot of game developers are moving to discord now and shutting down their forums. It’s a good question to make… but comparing what you said, I understand Bethesda is pretty ruthless with its moderation tactics on the fallout 76 discord, according to friends I’ve spoken too, as well as what I’ve seen on Reddit.

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So they wanted to silence the mass like fb and Twitter before elon musk

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My guess is that discord is a bit more… chaotic. Since it’s practically instantaneous people can just spout dumb things. That being said, I’m not a huge fan of discord for large communities. It’s hard to keep track since there’s no subtopics. It’s just categories and long lists of comments. You can easily miss stuff on discord.

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Devs and community members participate in many unofficial discord pages. They even do official announcements in these pages. You just have to dig a bit. These pages to run, need a ton of volunteer work, so they run properly and help lots and lots of players through the years. Funcom only supported these efforts and this is something to be praised, not criticized.

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There is one it’s not offical and Invites are currently disabled so you need to know someone who is in to invite you

Why not make it public

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I have the announcements set up in my Discord.

Are you sure they’ve joined those other ones you speak of?

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I have to visit some months but yes i am sure. I remember the day that Siptah was about to released i was speaking with @Ignasi on the discord page and of course one gold member jump in to remind me that i am not allowed to tag Funcom employees :wink:. But it’s ok, they have their rules and the users must follow them, np. Then on Multiguns discord i do remember Catribia visit a lot. Of course our dear Cat is just a volunteer admin here but if something needs to be pushed for emergency, it can be done.

And this is where I’d disagree that they should be joining and participating in unofficial discords, which I’ve said in the past.

It smacks of favoritism and using the goodwill of others in an industry standard method of communication.

Despite their lack of employees, it does not justify that aspect of volunteerism. I can appreciate the cost of marketing and social media however that is something all businesses that operate as they do require to factor in.

They should have an official discord. They always should have had that.

You have this right, totally!

There’s a lot negativity here, don’t you think?
If people embrace and support volunteers, it’s not correct for both sides to read something like the above, isn’t it?
A simple example, in the last fire we had in our island a volunteer died from breathing problems. So the ministry of Aegean decided to give a salary of 2.000 euro to his children until they reach 18 years old. Many people said that this act was to win votes. For me it was the right thing to do.

I am not the one to decide what they must have amd what they shouldn’t. Actually, none of us is, not even you my dear friend.
I don’t know if the employees are getting paid from their company to visit unofficial pages, but i can assure you that their presence in there is giving joy to the audience.
People working in this company, especially the community members are always kind and willing to help. That’s all i can say for them, nothing else.
Not because i am kind
Not because i am positive
Not because, let me remember the word someone told me…
Oh yes bootlick, not because of this that i don’t even know what it is and i care not to find out…

Because it’s the truth!

These are facts for me my dear friend Kiki and they ain’t going to change.

Do what others did for this game volunteering and maybe they 'll visit your own discord too to thank you and support you the best they can.

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This isn’t a start up that needs the goodwill of a like-minded community to assist in its realization though.

Funcom or rather: Tencent is a corporation with profit in mind.

Ideals have certainly shifted.

Time to get with the program.


Totally agree on this one. Especially since tencent arrived we empty pockets :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
But before these companies do whatever they “have” to do let’s ask them first to give a raise to the employees first. Because the policy after corona in most of the companies is to forget that their people needs are higher now. So i would be happier to know that these people took a raise than a discord page is organized with low salaries :man_shrugging:.
Don’t get me wrong, but companies really suck blood the last years, enough is enough!


Do you all want 2008 Funcom monetization? Is that what we’re saying here?

This community absolutely wants Pay 2 Win it seems.

Maybe FC should revert to their old ways. Sell max level character boosts. Sell items with superior stats, sell faster mounts, and teleport coins. Some stat boost elixirs. I bet this community would just eat it all up.

This was Age of Conan, Funcom in 2008. That’s pre-Tencent Funcom. P2W.

Hmm. That’s not what I said at all. Please don’t twist my words.

These statements are made quite frequently, there is nostalgia for pre-Tencent Funcom. That Funcom had all their online games loaded with Pay to Win shop items ranging from exp boosts, character boosts, item boosts, and many other shortcuts that left players who didn’t pay vastly behind those who did.

And you are correct that there is a big shift from prior to now, as in the CE team is heavily against the Black Lotus Bazaar from giving heavy advantages compared to previous Funcom titles.

Do we want Conan Exiles to be like previous titles and be P2W or not?

THAT is pre-Tencent Funcom. Is that what we want? Everyone can answer a simple Yes or No.

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I met Funcom in this game. I don’t know what Funcom was before Conan exiles. On Conan exiles i met a company that was giving and it still does. Tencent or not, people can still be competitive with vanilla items.
So i cannot answer for the Funcom before. I like it as it is!
Yet in your question and how you place it the answer is definitely no.

Same here, I like about 95% of what they do on this topic. I think they could go a bit further to avoid some mistakes and not have to fix them retroactively. But thusfar their tack record has been avoiding P2W rather than embracing it.

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Or, you can actually look at those titles with a realistic lense. For example, Age of Conan. I played Age of Conan pretty much daily for 8 years. Until year 8 there was no such thing as a “cash shop” at all. None. And even when there was one introduced, it was not full of “pay to win” items because frankly, the game was EIGHT YEARS OLD and nothing they could possibly put in there was pay to win. And XP boost? Who cares? Most people had their accounted maxed out of max level characters for YEARS at that point with raid gear and epic gear from faction dungeons that giving a new player from the “new unchained” version an XP boos was utterly meaningless to anyone. Some new vanity item? So what? There was nothing pay to win available at all.

So I am sorry @Taemien but your entire post is fairly disingenuous.

True, I cannot comment on The Secret World. I have not played enough of that game to honestly care what was in their shop or what would even be considered “pay to win” or not but my statement stands for Age of Conan.

Now this part I do agree with. I think for the most part they have made an effort to stay this course, which is what they said from day one.

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