Where is the community engagement?

It’s, uh, me :stuck_out_tongue:

But I guess I do have similar features to Mr. Lee here


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Hi @biggcane55

@AndyB provided this link for me-PlayStation Dev Tracker

This provides easy access to Dev comments on PlayStation related topics, very helpful.

Thanks again AndyB!


Yes! Also added a post to the intro topic with search links for each section:

We’ve also updated the ‘Dev Tracker’ button at the top of each category to only search for Funcom posts in the specific category you’re currently viewing. We’re also working on some extra functionality that clearly marks topics when a Funcom staffer has replied.


Hey sometimes funcom is slow on replying back but most of the time they do and another thing you can’t let your feelings get in the way just keep calm and wash your hands lol😂


@AndyB instead of addressing each and every post individually - would it be possible to sticky a response that’s current to the awareness of the bugs that are currently being plagued to the users? Even if it just links to the current state of things elsewhere.

When I go into the PlayStation bug section, the only things there that are pined are the templates and a post with two sentences reminding to use the template. I’m aware the community team cannot be everywhere at all times, but if a sticky post with two sentences reminding to use the template was used as resources allocated - couldn’t a link to a megathread of sorts be used to help curb redundancy?

Sure, we have a dev tracker I didn’t know we had one till today. Likewise I’m sure there are other users here that are simply unaware of it also. Even a pinned post conveying “you’re aware of it” or that the dev team is working on it, would be uplifting to some.

@Funbags this has been my experience also. Majority of my interactions here have been with Ignasis.

We have a sticky for critical issues known on PC (with workarounds) and it hasn’t reduced the number of repeat topics and questions, unfortunately. We’ll certainly consider it, but I’m also trying to think of ways to make using the Search tool and looking up our posts (or showing where we’ve posted) more obvious to users as well. Even small stuff like showing an icon on a topic we’ve commented on with an answer may go a long way (will show example with this post - feature is not quite done yet). Thanks!


I feel doing a sticky for critical issues known for PS4 (I haven’t looked at the Xbox section yet) like you mentioned is already implemented for PC would/could cater to some - even if the critical issues overlap and all it does is link to the same critical issue page as PC.

As for the search tool, on each section you could implement a visual representation of your community outreach team like a billboard advertising who they are and where they’ve posted even if it’s just a graphic like:

Meet Ignasis, you can follow him by clicking here. And you can have a picture of his avatar or something. And the graphic could rotate out to different members of the team like a slideshow of sorts as a banner at the top or bottom of the page.

Even if the graphic is just a link to user profile - and yes, this is the search and tracker tool anyone could do even if they clicked on your name right now in this thread. But it’s ease of access for users. Doesn’t have to be a complete innovation or a new revolutionary idea. Take what you have and make it more obvious.

It give the presence of availability, even if you’re not available 24/7. It gives the visual representation.

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Adding a whole new banner element to the search page is a neat idea, but I’m not 100% certain it’s possible. Will have to look into that. We have to keep in mind that the site isn’t just for Conan Exiles however; not everyone in the Community team works with all our games so anything we add to the site has to be relevant for all users and not just for one game’s community.


Is it possible to do something similar to reddit? The topics with an official response have dev response in their title.

I think most of us here know what it is to work, the problem in my particular case, if I post an error in the forum and for 4 working days I am appealing the help of the community, but the community is only in another thread joking, what do you want Telling you that only makes him have less confidence in the community and therefore in funcom.

Many of us work for the client, I work in the hospitality industry, if there is a problem it should be dealt with as soon as possible, because thanks to that client and everyone else I have a job and can get my salary, there is time for everything, you can joke, You can laugh, you can be happy, but above all, be professional and serve your clients please.

Because community managers work directly on the game…

As for your crash and your “4 days,” thread, they directly responded to you. More then that, all server crashes send a report directly to Funcom without you needing to post anything.

Game dev industry wide is never going to be fixing an issue within seconds or hours.

First a report comes in, then it needs to be determined level of validity (caused by outside factors that Funcom has no control over, or not), repo case created (which can widely vary depending on how easy it is to repo), bug fixed and tested (which can widely vary depending on the issue) QA approved and added to patch build, sent to Microsoft/Sony for certification, and finally date set for the patch.

99% of reported bugs have already been reported before and acknowledged by the community team (people rarely use the search tool, or available dev trackers). Having them acknowledge every single possible thread isn’t doable or should be the expectation. And they absolutely are allowed to have fun with their community and not be attacked for “unprofessionalism.” Gamers forget the point of games, way too often.


I wonder where the community engagement is on helping players versus letting toxic clans dominate an official server. Assume that zendesk has been tried, and that is a too quiet on how players obtain IP addresses of other players. Such task edges on ransom… for not plugging the found player’s IP into the queue of the next denial of service. It’s unplayable. I understand if you want to remain quiet about it to avoid being put in the loop. I’m looking for something simple like: don’t use ps4 voice chat as that leaks your IP.

Of course, an acknowledgement helps. It’s been going on for awhile.

If they’re cheating and it can be proven, Funcom will ban them. If they’re just being jerks (like WAY too many gamers seem to be) then Funcom isn’t a babysitter. Pricks are going to prick. That’s the problem with internet anonimity.


I am not going to tell you what I asked for them to listen to me, it is irrelevant and I do not want others to do so.

I’m not just a player, I buy a company’s product, which automatically makes me their customer.

I’m going to give you an example, I have a private server for siptah with g-portal, therefore I am their client, g-portal has workers to talk to their clients, when I ask a question about any problem they take a maximum of 30 minutes to respond to your customer.

what I want to tell you is that while Funcom sees me only as a player, g-portal sees me as its client.

Holy hell, you people jump all over the guy to shove your opinions down his throat, the op is entitled to his own opinion. And you, yours. Neither is wrong. Both are valid. Neither is more important. Neither should discredit the other. People need to act like humans…

I think it is called stalking. Funcom says it doesn’t have time to investigate (but apologizes), which leaves the player to do the research.

Are you telling me that funcom at the launch of siptah did not already know any of these bugs?

because we were aware that it would come with flaws and even so we trust the product, many of us have bought it.

The fixes take time, yes, the base game has been on consoles since 2018, and it still gives bugs.

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