Where’s the Darfari Blacksmiths?

Watched a content update video I know they added new thralls to every faction including Darfari. I’m on Play station official server and blacksmiths never spawned before the update (they didn’t have them) but shouldn’t they have a spawn location now? They’re not purge blacksmiths (they come up different in admin commands they’re by name for purge and just say blacksmith for regular) but just confused where they’re supposed to be. Looking for Arnak the Smith in particular

Also another random question are there baby salamanders on PlayStation I can’t find any of those either thank you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::sweat_smile:


Hello, while I’m playing on pc on official server, I think we are playing the same version as you on ps4.
If you are talking about exile lands, they added 55 new crafters thralls (all regular tier 4)
to some of the factions (Darfari canibals, Relic hunter, Dogs of the desert, Black hand and Heirs of the north).
for each faction they added 11 crafter thralls, 3 armorer, 3 blacksmith, 3 carpenter and 2 task master.
dafrari new thralls spawn all over regular darfari spawn poits, I usually found them in their main city summoning place. I can cofirm I found there blacksmiths and other new thralls including Arnak the Smith. they just added to the same old spawn points the new thralls, same thing to all faction’s.
about salamandres, again if you are at exile land you can find them all around M-7 and comodo dragons all around N-4.



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You can use the interactive map to locate the spawns points for most of the inhabitants of the exiled lands.

Hope that helps!


2 of the most various darfari crafter spawns are, like @AstroPony said the summoning place and the second is the camp outside the abysmal dungeon. Since 2.4 the camp outside the abysmal dungeon has more often spawns of named crafters than it used to. At least this is what I noticed, can’t confirm if this is true but it is what I noticed, maybe I am wrong. These camps has all the things in favor to farm them. Both sinchole and abysmal have obelisk.
If you take the sinchole obelisk you can start from Tugras stand and make a full round of darfari camps.
The same with the abysmal obelisk, you can start from the mountains that has 2 or three camps very close and finish with the one in front of the dungeon.
I am pretty sure that once I took this blacksmith from Sinners Refuge once. So may RNGesus be with you.

About salamander babies I find their spawn very often in the little island under the southern obelisk of the jungle. Later on I will try to send you photo of the island location. Yet I am pretty sure that astropony gave you valid info about it.


:palms_up_together:t4: High Five!

Until today I have looked at the Darfari and thought “they eat their Smiths.” This is good news.

I STILL do not believe it!! :stuck_out_tongue: (Not that you’re wrong, it’s that I have had a dry spell to end all dry spells.)

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@Barnes , This is so true, I can’t explain it no matter what. You know on 3728 I even made a post on the forum about the den werewolve drops. Unlike others on 3728 I never took any drop from the werewolve after of months daily farming :man_shrugging:. 2 months ago I decided to fix some extra characters so I can send them on Siptah, one from my sons account and one from my daughters. I fixed these characters so I can send them on Siptah, take all the Siptah knowledge and come back. Not days ago I said let’s lvl up one of them, so I started the map run. This run however was easy, the character had a horse, epic suit, legendary weapons, berserker follower, so it was very logical that this run of knowledge would be walk in the park :man_shrugging:. So I went inside Den to gain the brewing recipe and the belly dance, I saw the werewolve and I said, why not, either way I was about lvl 50 already, so I did the fight and guess what?
Bella 400 rounds in den, bastial claws 0
Achilles 1 round in Den, bastial claws 1.

I do believe you and understand you totally when you tell me, hey I visited this island 100 times and nothing :man_shrugging:.
I said this island

Because on Wyrms bane, the server of @sestus2009 I once build there, I had more than 50 little lizards :man_shrugging:. On 3728 I passed a lot of times from there and I found some, not many. This is the reason I suggest it, because I had a home there and I didn’t knew what to do with the little lizards, so eventually I left them walking around my garden :rofl:.
I say it again, I played a lot of times in a looot different servers, the only reason I saw almost everything exile lands can provide, is because I played in different servers, so in each server I had luck in different things.


My dear @Saebra, I really hope I 'll help you here.
Lizards. Start with the island then swimm across and head on this beach west, it has many lizard spawns, one at least must be a baby, I really hope at least.

The map location I just find this little fellow is here

In the private pvp server la legion, 2+ years ago I builded in the location you will see under. At this location it has too many Comodo spawns, I hope you’ll find a baby. I find with just one visit :man_shrugging:.

The map location is this

Good luck :+1:t6:


Hello, so I found a darfari blacksmith at Spinebreakers Flank. As far as I know this is the ONLY place they spawn and it shares the spawn with the taskmaster spawn. So if you get a lvl 4 there it’ll be a lvl 4 taskmaster or lvl 4 blacksmith. I didn’t get arnak I got an edge Smith girl. Was hoping for the bladesmith but I’ll keep trying.

Also I followed everyone’s advice on salamanders I still haven’t found one I keep killing the adults hoping for a baby spawn but nothing. I’m on Ps4 Pvp official and just unsure if it’s my server or what. Was really looking forward to getting at least one their poison hits like a truck from range and have a nice set up I wanted to used some for


I am happy for you, congratulations :+1:t6:. May fortune be with you with all your searchings fellow exile.


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