Where to farm volatile glands?

hi, saw a few videos showing the red iguana technique but it doesnt look like its really working anyomore. i tried to farm them with most of the tools and i would only get like 3-5 if lucky. is that still the fastest way to farm those glands? and if so what tool should i use on them? thanks

on ps4

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oh and is there a better cheaper way to cracked star metal shell than the grease/fire orb combo? thanks

The pick provides the best gland yield AFAIK. You can try using explosive jars to crack the meteors, but they often roll away (even when placed on foundations).

You shoot the jars with a bow and arrow.

Oh sweet. Now that I think about it I had heard that before. Just never carry a bow.

The red iguanas, but farmed with star metal tool or higher at full survival att. You are welcome :kissing_heart:

The best place for the Iguanas is in the Bay of Hulk in the swamp. The volatile gland only drop about 5-10th kill. I find it best to use a hatchet.

alright ill give the explosive a look and use the pick and try the hatchet if i farm red iguanas, thanks guys

It appears for me that now, after gland drop is reduced for iguanas, using explosive jars is less time consuming and more effective.

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I get volatile glands from killing imps. I used skinning knife or pick.

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