Which PC game is your current favourite game?

Actually my Fav is Conan exiles. I really love it and the point that it is a game that my wife like too make it more better (We have not so much overlapping games).

In the past I play a long time Warframe and it will be some kind of favorite forever.

Starcraft and Dawn of War are great too, but I suck a bit on this kind of games if it goes on PvP.

TESO is a game that I like and hate. I like it, cause I really like the Elder Scrolls Line but I hate the skillsystem in it. It’s not the same I know from Elder Scrolls and one of the things that I love in Elder Scrolls.

You forgot Conan Exiles The Snyder Cut :slight_smile:

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Current favorite game?
Pretty hard to answer for one who seems to be restless currently…
Hm. I do enjoy RP… at least currently. Well… tbh I had been curious for a few years now, but…
I do play Conan Exiles (who would have guessed that? :joy:), Anthem and am totally frustrated with they are billions. That game… aww. At some point I miss some stupid single zombie and it infects my houses and then its boom! done for. I’ve beaten the first map on 3% so far, lol.

And regarding fond memories? Oh damn… too many. If someone was to be send to some doctor because of being addicted to computergames on a long term…that would be me I guess… :woozy_face:
I loved (and still like) aoe1+2; anno 1602 and a few others, diablo 2 (LoD)… After that mostly UT (you know, first one, even drawed map layouts in school… neighter teachers nor classmates were happy about that, framing me as some future amok running crazy :woman_facepalming: And nope, thats not a joke. Should have been one very distasteful one, but it wasnt. Anyway. I did cycle through quite a few other games - mostly MMORPGs after that, until I found FFXIV (the second MMO) and after that Conan Exiles…

:slight_smile: pvp is not hard :slight_smile: is eazy
I come from 5 years of eve online. That is a game that will not forgive you if you blink :slight_smile: in a fight

To be honest,of late the games I’ve played the most have not been rpgs’s. OOTP 19 (a baseball sim) that will soon be OOTP 20, Civil War II (Ageod) and War in the Pacific AE (Matrix Games) have been ravenously eating into my Conan Exiles time LOL. These four rank evenly as my favorite.

Conan Exiles currently is my favorite game, but it’s because has features from other games I love. It’s got weapon and armor swapping plus monsters and NPCs of Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction. The character appearance design is fairly limited compared to SIMS 3, but better than D2: LoD. Most importantly there is castle construction, though fairly simple, that I love in Medieval Engineers.

Most of my recent game time before CE was spent with Medieval Engineers. It’s still in EA, but is an amazing survival sandbox style game. At one point they even had AI that would farm resources! Unfortunately it was disabled when planets were implemented (yes, you have an entire spherical planet on which to build). The one thing that CE does better is the AI. CE has monsters and fairly dangerous NPCs while ME has only deer and generic “barbarians.”

However, my favorite game of all time is Mars Saga, an RPG from the Commodore 64. I still occasionally play it on my C64 emulator, and even have the original 5 1/4" floppy disc, manual, password wheel, and box. I’ve kept them these years because I love the game so much.

Conan and X4 foundations atm … of course Elite Dangerous in there a bit … prison architect is a guilty pleasure as well.

Hardcore raider of those games going to ESO… That’s like Arnold Palmer playing miniature golf. I’m sure you’re seeing that already. Especially after FFXIV raiding… that’s the pinnacle IMO.

Conan is the one at the moment, but i really only logging in now to do the chores once a week for an hour or so.
Im really looking foward to the new challenges, may even use the keystone.

In the meantime im switching between Totalwarhammer 2, Elite and Bud Spencer & Terence Hill Slaps and Beans.
The witcher series keeps pulling me back in too not just the third but the first two also.

I’d love to do SC2 coop with you, it would be a reason for me to get back into it. PM me if you’re ever interested, I’m PST

Currently none, Conan Exiles is trying to be but loading into another zone or obelisk already dead and looted isn’t helping.


OpenWorld Single Player: Skyrim, Witcher, Dragon Age Inquisition

OpenWorld Survival: Conan Exiles (If Skyrim had what Conan had - I would put an IV in my arm, get VR glasses, and never see this world again!) lol!

Single Player: TombRaider (Also ‘best graphics’), Hellblade (Tied best graphics)

Multiplayer: WoW / ESO / GuildWars 2

Platform/logic: Braid (Maybe best overall game), Portal, Alice the Madness

Dungeon Crawler: Diablo, Torchlight

Stealth: Dishonored, Styx

“horror” survival: Half-life, Prey

Honorable mention: Bioshock Infinite (loved the story)

Didn’t like path of exile?
Great choices otherwise…

I loved all bioshocks story wise, but infinite and the mono/roller coaster rides were awesome… in VR they’d be amazing…

As for survival games, have a look at flame in the flood… tough as 10 rounds with rocky, but great for a quick session… death is not if, but when… :grimacing:

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Only games I really play currently are Conan Exiles and Total War: Warhammer 1&2.

Total war did warhammer versions? I’m behind the times…

Mind you, I can’t imagine playing total war on console… :frowning:

My current favorites:

Astroneer, X4:Foundations, Empyrion: Galactic Survival, CE, ARK.

My recent dissapointments: Anthem, F5 New Dawn, Fallout 76.

I learned that I enjoy games where I can take control over my narrative.

FO76… loved that game to bits… but getting endgame items… I wished upon a million stars…

Building… meh… a sequel should take a step forward, not back… still, I could live with that…

I could live without kangaroo leap because it was my choice to not mutate… but rng choices, or bad programming to get end game gear ruined it…

So here I am…
If I had regrets, I’d go play something else, not spam the forums with negativity…

Current favorite? Since saying Conan Exiles would be cheesing it a bit, I’d go with Battlefield V (both on PC and PS4).
All time PC? Half-Life!



I’ve not tried those first three, but I’m curious about them. What do you like about each of them (if I may ask)? Is there one you like better than another?

Am i the only one play Battletech on the side? Very fun game and brings back memories of my table top gaming days. It is a very nice game with both a campaign mode and a more open-ended career mode. As it is turn based,it makes things far easier to put down when life happens. Plus I can crochet during enemy turns.

I also play a fairly simple RPG/Dungeon crawler on my phone when away from my PC and i have free time. It’s called World of Prandis and is decent enough. Not a great game but a tolerable time killer when needed.

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