Which PC game is your current favourite game?

I have been playing PC / PS games for like past 8 years now ,
Some people must be the easiest question ever asked. The answer is obviously and evidently WarCraft 3!

Computer games are not new to us, these games are popular from a long period of time, We see that things get modified as per time. Similarly, computer games also are at improved level. If i talk about my childhood, i cannot forget Mario, , the first computer game i have ever played, it was really amusing game for me then the another game, but today we are not limited if we talk about the computer games. If I talk about my today’s first choice in computer games that is Monster truck games

AOC is also a game I like very much. I’ve been playing for years.

Currently i am playing a new pc game Apex Legends,released in Feb,got some cheap safe apex legends coins from Scdkey and play a few days .Overall general. It’s not the same feeling as before.

It really depends on what you like. Name a game that you think is worth playing, and we could give you proper recommendations based on the genre.I could be wrong but from what I’ve heard, Apex is crashing for everyone.

Really we are all gamers… regardless of what we game on. Even the current gen consoles are just stripped down pcs…

All of my faves are actially gone. CoH and STG. But I found Conan and I am hooked. I like that I turned off my own journey and did not feel rushed.

What i liked about STG I brought to Conan. Always was a sucker for this IP.

But I have fun being what I was in STG. An Entertainer. So I made a cantina on the official servers. And I love it


It depends a bit on the genre, but for me it would be:

Survival Sandbox: Conan Exiles (heavily modded to feel more like an RPG) with LiF close behind

RPG: NWN:EE and Skyrim:EE, followed closely by older TES games

MMORPG: SWG (doesn’t exist anymore sadly)

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Current favorite?

Dungeons 3. Not that it’s particularly new, but I never played it 'till now. It’s a little (actually very) silly, but hey - it’s lighthearted fun.


Current as in current current? Well due to the fact I need to wait till the next patch for my next stage of building tasks (currently admin on a server and need the game to update, mods to update, before working on some community build ideas), I’ve been playing Everquest lately. Even after 20 years, that game holds up pretty well.

Once the patch hits, it will be back to Conan.

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Current and has been favorite since it came out is Star Trek Online.
Between it and CE, I have been having fun daily for a long time.

I think I played a lot of the great MMOs in the 90’s till now. SWG will always be the benchmark, and Conan Exiles is just as good.

Also loved Elite Dangerous too, but I dont want a second job.

i would say current is properly a mix between some older games like sins of a solar empire, CoH2, Dawn of war etc.

Conan is awesome in regards to building system, but have been let down alot in other areas of the game, so don’t really play conan atm and waiting for changes/fixes.

My all time favorite hands down is Dark age of camelot - imo by far the best online game ever created, with true RvR experience.
To this day i miss the feeling of proper sieges and RvR combat.

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Take a look at Camelot Unchained, looks really cool

Ive been building a lot in single player in Conan Exiles.
I played MYZ and am currently playing Apex on and off which is convenient for a few fast rounds without too much time commitment.

I have very found memories of AO, DAoC, and EQ, too :slight_smile:


I play Conan while watching YouTube on a second monitor, shoutout to RedLetterMedia for the hundreds of hours of entertainment they’ve provided so far.

When I’m more actively playing something, it’s either Overwatch or Apex Legends. Though lately I am enjoying Overwatch more because landing with nothing around but a Mozambique isn’t exactly conducive to fun gameplay…

Cool to see all the types of games people are playing. Lots of variety!

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I play Conan Exiles, Conan Exiles Live, Conan Exiles TestLive, Conan Exiles The Director’s Cut, Conan Exiles the superbeta… and Kevin Bacon.


You folks may be surprised to learn that my favorites still are Quake 3 Arena and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. There’s still servers up with people hammering away at each other to this day. Those old games were and are great. Battlefield 2 would also be on my list had the servers not been taken down.

Conan Exiles had the potential to be a favorite as I’ve been a huge fan of Robert E. Howard’s since childhood, but we in my community are still experiencing too much stutter on single and multi play…and no, it’s not our computers…CE is the only game we have this issue with and we play some resource hogs.

I remember when COD:MW was released, we in the clan back then were saying that we couldn’t wait to see what games would be like in 10 years. Well here we are 13 years after and I don’t mind saying I’m pretty unimpressed with the direction PC gaming has taken; which largely is why those old classics are still on top of my list.

I am, however, looking forward to the release of a few games this year such as Dying Light 2 and Cyberpunk 2077. Every time new games are released my favorites are subject to change, but that hasn’t happened yet.

hmm sounds interesting. especially since DAoC was one of the “harder” mmorpgs where while leveling, dying meant loosing 2 weeks grinding(albeit early days of daoc :stuck_out_tongue: ).
this sounds like its same level of unforgivefullness baked into it.

thanks for pointing me here. :slight_smile:

@Tascha, i do play conan in single player to try out builds etc :stuck_out_tongue: Just the entire PvP scene was ruined earlier and i don’t fancy using 6 months on something to have it ruined over night by some cheater i can’t get back at.

So you might be looking at Camelot Unchained too, which it looks pretty decent and the likely successor to DAoC - The Everquest folks are running Alpha builds on their new game too, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. Apparently it is going to be a return to classic EQ-like MMORPG paradigms which could be good or bad

I’ve actually been having a lot of fun in 7 Days to Die while waiting on the next CE patch. Never really got into it during alpha 16 but after alpha 17 hit it’s been a blast. Currently up to the day 140 horde.

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Yeah, pvp can be tough and we are aware it is not ideal atm. We are however looking at ways to address it.

I used to be a hardcore pvp player (Shadowbane, Ultima Online, DAoC and pretty much every MMO that had sieges and pvp). With work, commuting and life in general, I sadly do not have the time anymore.

I know! I’ve had friends back from DAoC and EQ times poke me about it. I actually used to work with EQ as a GM and was involved in some of the live events. Sadly though, as mentioned above, I simply do not have time for any mmos nowadays. I dabble a bit in ESO after having raided hardcore in EQ, EQ2, AION and FFXIV.


Ha totally, I just moved into a place and was able to take my dog back from her temporary home - she’s a very active dog so goodbye spare time!

Oh man, EQ2, brings back memories. Ah to be young again and have the free time to play MMMOs. (Mine being GW2).

To answer OP’s question, CURRENT, active, favorites are (subject to change):

  • Conan Exiles
  • Starcraft 2 (Co-Op is great when I need a 30 minute break from modding, and I love watching the tournaments)

All time favorites that I don’t actively play is a really long list I’d rather not get into because it would take too long :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hmm, I could. I tend to make smallish “overly” pretty asian buildings with tons of plants and pots lol
It’s not comparable at all to the master pieces the amazing CE community puts out.

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I’ll upload some on Monday as I have the most finished one locally at work :smiley:

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