White tiger killed by elevator

Hi guys, so I called down an elevator and waited for it to arrive. As it came down i noticed my prized white tiger was standing on the wooden elevator platform, but i didnt think anything of it. The elevator arrives and suddenly my pet is dead. Is this supposed to happen? What can i do about it? Server 1973 if that matters.

Unfortunately too late for the dead pet, but a lesson learned for future pets…
If you activate an elevator and realise that a pet is on the platform …and so will be killed when the elevator reaches them there is two reactions to chose from
A) interact with the elevator lever so the elevator stops moving towards your pet and goes back in the other direction. Then move your pet to safety.
If you are on the elevator and see your pet in the way as you are descending then this is tricky … you might have to find another way down to them that doesn’t use the elevator … or descend part of the way -> activate the elevator so it’s moving back up -> jump off elevator to get to the ground.
B) quickly use move&guard function to lift the pet off the platform and to a safer place. I’d not rely on the pet following you quickly enough if you try to get them to move by sprinting away from the platform.

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That should have been fixed (and deployed to Live!) according to trello:

I am not 100% sure if it was supposed to have been fixed (above), but either way it seems the bug still exists.

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The issue described on this thread is that the elevator landed on the pet. As in squashed. Not that the pet fell off.

Fair enough. But does that actually do anything? I’ve been standing right underneath the elevator without issue myself, it just went right through me. Granted, haven’t tried with a pet. If standing underneath a descending elevator kills you, I’d qualify it as a feature, not a bug though :smiley:

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That’s what I thought too. If that’s the case, I so want somebody to upload a PvP video of them managing to kill somebody by death by elevator squash.

Just tried again. Neither myself nor a follower would suffer any harm from standing underneath the elevator.

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