Why Сan't build?

I blew up someone else’s house, blew up every single foundation. Why can’t I build my base there? written the land is busy

This could be the buggy thing where you have to wait for the server to reset tomorrow…

Used to be an issue… maybe wait an hour and try again?

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could also be foundations existing under the landscape… either a few foundation blocks under the landscape (when you are building and a foundation vanishes without you seeing where it was placed) or could be someone exploiting under meshing to prevent land claims on their old base location….


First of all like @NOGG said it could be because of bugged foundations remaining hidden from sight, or just because you missed something (even a torch claims land :sweat_smile:)

But also when you destroy a base you need to go far and return to it before the game (I don’t know if client or server side) notices the claim on the land finished and the land is now free to build. It happened every time to me.

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Relog will do it too.

I think this has to do with the data and flags that your game client is managing. The land claim flag seems to “stick” with the game client. If you are certain that you have removed 100% of your enemy’s blocks, you ought to be able to build there after a quick relog, or after moving away from that spot (out passed “render distance”) and then returning to let the area reload.

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