Why are Conan Exiles sending data to Redshell?

And by the way, when can we expect to play without having to unblock redshell?
i am still getting this when starting the game with access to redshell blocked. (dns tarpit)

Just to clarify, completely disabling Red Shell will involve a data change, which means a patch, so it’ll go in for what should be the next update.

Better hurry then, because meanwhile, the data collection is still going, without ppl being notified about this.

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If you add
prod-lb.redshell.io localhost
to your host file no data will be send and no crash.

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Redshell is a tool that is basically a plug and play attribution software that allowed Game Developers to know where their customers are coming from. Like if you shop in a store that store sends data back to its head office saying how many people what their sales are like. Steam doesn’t provide information like that.

Thus knowing that a Store in Idaho is doing really well means hey lets advertise there, or a store in Sydney is down lately lets boost marketing and have a sale.

Redshell is basically providing that kinda of data. It also allows them to determine install vs link click numbers. Finding out where to advertise and where not to. It isn’t collecting personal data. This is no different than data that is collected by stores.

The Other agency partners are places they can put a redshell link. For example if you see conan advertised on facebook click the link and then install conan they know that hey the facebook links are working.

If Redshell bothers you don’t use the internet, amazon, google, shop in any store with more than one location. Basically live in the middle of the woods.

The data is given to Funcom no one else. It is just a fast easy way to know where to efficiently spend advertising dollars and which channels are working the best.


Closing thread. OP’s original issue will be addressed. Thank you :slight_smile:

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