Why can I change bust size but not butt?

That’s my suggestion. Give her some curves to show off those fancy DLC outfits. (Thralls and main character, all flat as a board in the back.


Honestly it would be nice to be able to have more customization for body type in general, there’s mods that do this but it tends to cause a lot for clipping, I assume that the main issue is the model and skeleton themselves would have to be reworked for every piece of armor, and if that’s the case, even though this is something a good amount of people probably want, it’s likely to never be done sadly


This suggestion has come up several times in the past, and was quite popular. Here is one such example started by an old forum friend below.

Unfortunately AlexGray it is unlikely to happen. If memory serves me correctly it was an issue surrounding armor mesh, especially the pants, which would require a fairly descent undertaking. But there is certainly no harm in either holding onto hope, or in asking nicely.


Funcom made a demonstration about cloth design. The link I can’t find anymore. Does anyone remember it?
Cloth design is a cumbersome proces. This is why bras are blant and not laced.

I like big butts and I cannot lie you other brothers cannot deni when a girl walks in with a ity bity waste and a round thing in your face I get sprung


Venus-shaped women are rare in prehistory. There are these statues like the “venus of Willendorf”. But even today women in stone age societies are borderline starved, because of all the babies they have to push out.

On the other hand men in today’s stone age societies are athletic. They don’t get old, because of spears and lions, but they match the body model of Conan Exiles.

Dude our genetics were NOT that much different in the stone age. Suddenly having technology isn’t the reason I had hourglass measurements at 18, it’s just genetics. I really doubt it was any more or less rare to have a given body shape then than it is now.

Babies is the reason I’m now shaped like a potato, but I’m assuming all the characters on Conan are eternal virgins.

P.S. for the males on this thread pushing out a bunch of babies makes your hips spread, so by that logic they all should have wide bottoms.

& The fertility goddess statues show that potato shape was ideal back then. Haha

Erectile dysfunction and anaphrodisia are a very common problem in the exiled lands and now in the isle of siptah aswell.
so if they came virgins they will remain virgins :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t see how it would be a problem with the pants meshes to be honest, obviously if you let players change the Character model without making the clothing parts adjust to it you will get issues so all they would have to do is making the clothing parts adjust accordingly. Just like all the body mod armor conversion mods do.
I know “all they would have to do” sounds bad because it is most likely tedious work to convert all existing armor items that none of them have clipping issues with all their flappy parts etc. but honestly I don’t see how they wouldn’t be able to do it if mod authors can change the whole body model and all (vanilla) armors accordingly.

The main issue here is most likely the fact that they don’t want to spend resources on that currently because they have different plans.

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Aquillonian bodies DO clip and distort clothes. But since it’s free people don’t complain about it.

Also the changes in breast size don’t affect clothing much, because of the basic level of detail already is lower than pants. Things like belts, hip daggers, pockets get distorted more than a blant bust wrapping going from C to FF.

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