Why did Funcom drop the ball on crafting !?

Considering the amount of work and sometimes money a player has to put in
to get their 2 professions maxed out, at endgame there simply isn’t a reason for
any profession as far as my own experience and also opinions from others players.

Not even Alchemy is really useful since players has access to good food from their
guildkeeps , while the potions are still lacking massively.

Crafting in AoC could’ve been SO much better if Funcom had added rare or legendary
recipes drop from bosses in dungeons , either normal or hard mode, raids and
even world bosses … Why they didn’t do this , i blame on either lazyness or really really bad devs
that had no imagination to reach the idea of having recipes drop.

Even WoW which is now 18 years old, had recipes drop from both normal 5man up to full raids,
and all professions were endgame viable, warriors could craft very very good weapons which
were raid-capable, alchemists could craft some of the best potions in the game.

So … apart from lazyness or complete lack of imagination, what was the reason why
FC completely dropped the ball on the professions in AoC ?.

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There was a crafting revamp planned in late 2011 or so (or maybe even earlier) but it was scrapped in 2013.
They were quiet far into developement of it actually, showing it off in a video (Age of Conan: New Crafting System Revealed - YouTube) with lots of interesting stuff.

Some say (as a joke) that Funcom took the idea and simply said “Hey, why not make a new game and more profit with that idea?!” and then started creating Conan Exiles.

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Mainly Funcom Drops the ball on everything.

Why. Because someone over there don’t get that people don’t want to grind their life away…
In exiles you have to farm resources…
In Age of Conan you have to farm a lot.

Funcom whole base on games, is we’ll make them grind grind grind and more grind…
Fun is not Funcoms way, its work…

Why have common items in something you pay 5 dollars for in the Age of conan shop.
Why didn’t they address the 24 man raids were issues when it created alot of Lag for people, an this was a standing issue when servers merged.

Some reason Funcom and devs Skip over the what all the actual issues are vs correcting them.
Before Tier 4 was out, they knew about lag… yet the last fight created the biggest lag issue ever for some. An even with that, they still kept building Raids on a 24 man aspect vs breaking them down to a future of 12. Driving people off the game.

An as rewards come, you have to play hours and hours, alone on a game that isn’t made for solo play unless you Grind running over huge maps. Then they charge you for ports…

Funcom doesn’t care about the player base, as long as your spending money.
Maybe fight to make them listen.

We want Rewards at the end of the day, Not Year…
We want Crafting with out massive grind for 4 to 5 different item per item made or the need for 24 people. (Ibis weapon after 10 years still not open to 1 person to get).

Unless you have 24 people, it will take someone soloing forever to get something rewarding. So you spend money on the shop in a gamble.

In all aspects to save this game. Up the rewards period!!!
Add some more drops to raids more tokens.
Add some higher stats to existing gear and put it in a vendor without the massive increase in gold and relics price… for the fact we aren’t getting new art.

An Stop adding the - pvp stats to weapons, and let us have a challenge in pvp…

An since game was made, we should have the liberty to share relics and items among our account.

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You sound like you want everything for free :joy: …every mmo game is a grind fest ESO, WoW all grind to get what you want!

If your lagging in raids turn your particles off and turn graphics down

Minus stats on pve weapons is a good thing for pvp
For the reason that only select few guild run t5/6 now if there was no minus stats on weapons it would be a massive advantage with all the blessings them said weapons+armor have

I personally like that you have to work to get something you want as it keeps players playing not getting full t6 in one week and then quitting! As we seen when the raidfinder generation finally all got t4 most left the game

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You can craft it with a group only.

Yah that was my point. That it not open for 1 a single person to craft without the grind of a 24 man raid.

When Cappa said “with a group only” he meant six people :stuck_out_tongue:
Personally I am not in this vid, but I’ve also done the craft several times with 8-12 people, and that is not difficult at all tbh.
Having some stuff locked in the way you need help from others is fine. It’s an MMO afterall.

Your Video shows your in either t5 or t6 gear… Again you all post these comments not getting the point and this is exactly why funcom doesn’t change things for new people. New people are basically solo in this game, can’t find the help and vets don’t teach nothing. Then the vets charge 1000 to 2000 gold for a Ibis which new players don’t have that.

So as people keep wanting to not understand the point in my post. You will watch numbers decline, in turns funding goes with that.

Again my post is the fact that Funcoms Turn out in rewards, and the crafting of something that needed or needs 24 people, well is partly part of a ongoing issues. Just more ignorance by people who get in raids, while global says its a dying game! An don’t understand grind your life away isn’t time used wisely!

You might like that, but other people don’t. You also must not get the time factor that Funcom has to put in for all this. So when only select people are raiding, you drive off what supports the game over all. Using time wisely and creating a well time manage system is better then what they set out.

If funcom used time more wisely, they would have more content. But when you look to make something complex and content is subjected just to 24 people… those people stick to that. Then they don’t want to take in new players as well.

As for Turning things off. I’m pretty sure many Euros in my time being in game have done that. and still get a ping issue they don’t like. One mistake wipes a raid, constant mistakes gets a players kicked from raid, and then they quit.

Its not the want for free stuff. Its the want to actually have a reward in the end for all.

An if you like to work for your reward, start getting people to teach the mass.

What about figuring out stuff with a group of like-minded people. So many people expect to get teached everything, not willing to put work into it.

As well I see guild-advertising offering lower raidtiers, but why bother with real content when you get better rewards on raidfinder and Kuth where you need zero skill and knowledge.

What actually killed 90% of the content was raidfinder. Onslaught was just another nail in the coffin of existing content.

1-2% of the mistakes happen due to lags, everything else is caused by the person in front of the screen.

As well you have to see that not everyone is able to carry his own weight on more difficult content.
If I’m not able to climb a small hill, I can’t expect someone else to carry me up a huge montain, just because I want to get there.

I sometimes compare a raid with a rowing boat: you have 24 spots, on easy raids 3-4 strong people can lead it to the finishline no matter what the others are doing.
When the current gets stronger you need more people to keep the boat going against it or it will sweep you away.


I like how you put all that.

But a True solider leaves no man behind in a fight. Just like a team of people aren’t going to leave a man behind going up that mountain? Situations my friend are very different when it comes to Life, and a video game. You can hire someone with experience, just because you don’t want to do the work in training them is a issue. The man who Trains someone, who comes aboard, can teach someone new ways or many ways of doing something. An then you have those job, if you don’t show someone how to do anything at all, they only succeed at a minimal, and the end result is more work needs to be done or they just quit and go some where they know they will get educated and become a assest. Even getting educated, doesn’t provide fundamentals needed when everything is different.

With that said, This is a Video game.

You have pretty much stated there is a imbalance in rewards between everything, which I said Raids need to be adjust to a balance in many areas, areas even to accommodate technology.

An You say one needs skill… Okay I get AOC is a MMO. I get what that is. But, when you look at all games. An lets just look at First person shooters. You might have to work to kill. But in the end you have a result, and your not working but your having fun. After a long day at work. No game should be work. Could you imagine if some things in AOC weren’t so complex how much more content they could have spent time on… Even if they were small solo quest for a nice weapon or ring?

No, FC is not perfect, yes, they should consoder that even for a game in maintenance mode there should be a reliable support and a working payment system. Yes, there are issues and reasons which made a lot of people leave the game. The ones you named here are none of them though.

But what we all get is that AOC is just not your game. If you want an instant gratification solo game don’t ask an MMO to be changed to your taste.


Fyi I think it requires less work from you to just get good, rather than trying to tailor a whole game genre to fit your own agenda


As you say, there is a game and there is reallife.
While you need to pay someone in reallife to teach or carry you, you ask for teaching/carrying ingame for free, saying that it’s too much work to learn on your own. But what about the work the teacher has to put into that?

I lead several players through raids from t1-t6 (from inexperienced to experienced players) and helped with specs and rotation or general gameplay. But at some point I select whom to keep/take to certain content, having a responsibility for the other players in the raid as well. That doesn’t mean to only take perfect players, but a certain baseskill and ability/willingness to learn and improve needs to be shown.

Another point is that most of the current t6-raids have enough players and a more or less fix pool of players. And since there is only 24 spots you have to rotate already and it doesn’t make sense to take even more players into the raidpool. So it’s a few players dropping from time to time and therefore few spots for new players. If you put some effort into your playskill or build a progression raid to get some experience in higher tiers, you might be ready to jump on a running raid, if there are open spots available.

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Join a high end raiding communities discord.
Find class guides and read it.
Change your spec and rotation to match.

Go play your RF geared toon and suddenly feel the power of good genetics.

Exactly, Teaching is work.

Again, you show some very good points to this post. Not many people understand certain things. Like say if your a Euro player, Players in Cali, USA have to be on at a time not always able.

Now you address a lot of things, that support my reasons.
You selected certain people over certain people for raids or 6 mans.
You also stated If spots are open.

An yes what about those who have taught these raids.

Maybe Funcom shouldn’t of had so many 24 mass raids, possible cut more down to 12. Look at when Khitia cam out, the gear gave people the want and since it was 6 man, well it was less hassle to teach those. T4 came and 6 mans got push aside. People where pick or choose as stated.

I appreciate the constructive feedback… most people think this is to please just myself. When people demand things like fixes, AOC2 or even a remaster of what it is, well they demanded RF and look… But you have to provide the funds regardless… An you have to find a balance to please the mass. As I stated, K6 when it came out people liked it, 6 mans were going even for Americans. But right now, only way to get END game gear is the Vets, long term tired players who only put in time are the last of the teachers.

An well, the grind AOC always had, isn’t really attractive.

Trust me I have had my time in this game. Some of these things had been addressed before RF was out, as I said, those places with lag issues and issues in Tier 4 that I remember. T5 and T6 and production time on a game losing it ways… Funcom should have looked at all of it. Reducing raid numbers to help with lag. Solo content for hours where nobody was doing nothing.

I think I can go back in Forums and people asked for RF. An this raid Finder isn’t even open free options. You have to wait for funcoms circulation system to circulated a raid vs people able to just sign up for T1 to T6.

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