Why do we have to download DLC's that we never payed for?!?!?!

50 gb udpate? What if my computer becomes full?? then we will never be able to play future updates???


Most of that is the patch, and it’s overwriting and replacing files. On X box series X the game file actually got a gig or two smaller from what I’ve read

Additionally, you need the dlc files because other players can use the items without breaking your game. If your game can’t render the new buildings and armors/weapons weird things will happen


Because no matter if you paid for it the company allows you to use it. Maybe you are not able to fix things from the dlc content but someone else can give you the things and use them :man_shrugging:. That’s why.


I still wonder why the game has to update literally ALL files for such small changes anyway.
Now I have to download 60 GB and Steam locks me out of 102 GB on a hard drive just so I have a feature that a mod of a few MB in size already provides.

No other game I know is so ridiculous when it comes to updates.

Except it’s not just ‘such small changes’ - it’s a lot of small changes - if you take a look at the patchnotes, you’ll see just how much stuff is updated or fixed - that’s going to spill over into a lot of files.


Seriously? The standard HDD sold with new PCs is a terabyte, that is 1,000 gigabytes. How old is your PC?

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It still seems excessive to me, there are so many games that get really huge updates with new content, far more bug fixes (and way less new bug as well) and they still don’t have to download half of the game’s size like Conan exiles has to.

Long story short if you dont download every DLC with the game, you would end up locked out of official servers and every other server using DLC. Much like old multiplayer games like mass effec 3 used to be, you would end up playing online only with people without DLC.

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I personally would love to see the game size reduced, on my series X it’s 150 gigs. Which is 15% of my hard drive.

I don’t really understand how game companies can make a game smaller but I’ve seen it happens on a few different games. My technological skills are, umm, bad

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Like other topics on this, Your “replacing” Bins of Files. Not adding 50gb’s.

Its a way to prevent corruption of data.

As for Topic Title Question…
So you can see DLC when other Users wear them. And there buildings.


I bought Everquest in 2001. It doesn’t fit on the harddrive I originally had when I bought it. It also doesn’t run on 32-bit operating systems anymore. It also requires 2GB of RAM when originally it ran on 128MB.

It happens. Games frequently outlive the PCs they are purchased for. I would say go to Console, but games like FFXIV and others which see new content are no longer supported on previous devices (PS3 in this case). This is just a gaming fact across platforms now.

And to answer your title question. You need to download DLC because of the ability to play on servers with people who have it. Without it their buildings would not show up, and their characters wearing armor wouldn’t show up properly.


The high end graphic games are always eat up ton of HDD space. Low texture games will take lot less space.

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I do understand that that, but even newer games with more bells and whistles like ray tracing are usually smaller. The list I looked up was a bit out of date but some NBA game was the second largest, but it was still less than 150 gigs. The only game they had listed above 150 is call of duty solder man battle time, or whatever the newest one is called

Here is an interesting article.

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No idea how some games are smaller than others. Conan is only 104 gigs though so it is less than 150 :slight_smile:

With the gamedev hat on - game size is often going to be directly correlated to textures. The prettier the game, the heavier the textures. Multiply that by the environment size and how many objects need textured.

There are also music and sound files to contend with though the compression we use on these makes them not as big a deal.

Then there are movies or cutscenes.

A game the size of conan’s world, consisting of both the exiled lands and siptah maps and how large those are, with how good the visuals are… it does not surprise me in the least that you are looking at 100gb+. I would consider that pretty standard.

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On the series X Conan Exiles is currently 152.1 gigs

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