Why is effort being wasted on frivilous nonsense when the game is broken?

There are players who is still making undermesh bases on official servers.

Not only are they making un-raid-able bases, but they’re also exploiting the clipping glitch to get into otherwise secure bases without effort, and take things from people even outside of normal “raid” hours.

Please stop with using valuable man-hours on senseless frivolities like mouth movements (as if anyone is using in-game vc- protip: we all use Discord or other 3rd party VOIP.) And fix the things that actually matter.

I mean honestly FC you haven’t even figured out PATHING yet? Why do pets and thralls teleport around instead of actually walking around? What about a functioning “mute” buttons? Why include the feature at all if you can’t actually get it to work?

These sorts of things should really be day one stuff-- and yet you’ve had the nerve to call the game complete ( most likely so you could charge for DLC without guilt-- Some “Studio Wildcard”-tier chicanery)

You’re making the same mistakes that were made with Ark-- shoveling more unnecessary turds on an already heaping pile of broken bullshrimp.

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:slight_smile: well my theory is:
No one want to test the game for them (teslive servers are empty ) logic no one wants to spend 40h in test :slight_smile: except one who will get pay, and they add all untested in live server so we will tested live, look at the amount of problems this patch fresh from testlive has bring in to the game. We pay the game to test it for them :slight_smile: Simple. Manipulation
This patch was not tested and if it was the one who tested must be bated with stones and never allow to touch a game, if you remember some community manager say something about the delay patch that need to pass the quality control

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Wildcard chicanery is selling several DLC’s DURING early access, promising never to wipe servers, then pulling customer support off those servers and “repurposing” more than half of those servers as post-launch servers. Then creating a stand-alone game from a DLC cough ATLAS cough

Funcom released CE on the day they said it would release. Only chicanery Funcom ever did was implement a panic buy by introducing the Atlantean Sword as a day-one edition “bonus”.

The rest of your points I agree with though…

VOIP is a waste of resources, but I think it has more to do with current laws requiring video games to have both text to voice and voice to text functionality when global chat is implemented… some silly law (mod edit: See also: CVAA) pushed that forced the multiplayer gaming industry into not having global chat like F76 and Anthem.

Mod edit: removing unnecessary political commentary.

Are you telling me that my game stile bug the wheel of pain? That my game style bug the sandstorm? My gane style bug the purge? And my game style bug the game
Hahaha you are funy. We play in sandbox limited by c++ code

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Uhg. Typical. Instead of letting the technology evolve naturally, they try to force it so they can take credit for it.

I can’t help but smile a little though, knowing none of them realized just how bad most mmo players that use text chat are at spelling. That lovely computer voice is going to be speaking gibberish a lot of the time I think. Not to mention most of the voice to text is likely going to appear as a string of asterisks.

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The biggest problem I see with this game isn’t that there’s bugs and exploits. All games will have bugs and problems, I think its the lack of GM support that enable griefers to become cancer and kill servers.
Exploiters have to be banned from official, it’s really as simple as that, but I understand manpower being another issue. Perhaps Funcom should consider doing a handful of premium official PVP servers that are GM moderated but are subscription based, meaning only those with a paid subscription can access those servers. I would pay for that if it meant not having to deal with players pulling obvious exploits and being able to report similar to other games.

On the topic of VOIP, it really doesn’t seem necessary at all as a game feature. Most clans are going to use either their native console’s Voip system or use things like discord.

Yes mate me another 1k players and a extra 1k that quit in 4 days

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played ark from day one, there were not “several” dlc pre launch. Only one. They are still on tier with SWC as far as I am concerned. At least they had pathing mostly down by the time the game hit “launch status”

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Oh. Right. They sold a DLC during early access. Guess that makes it a bit better <_<
Admittedly they had to do that to stop themselves from going bankrupt. Crazy harsh world.
But Funcom was already on the very verge of bankruptcy when they ENTERED early access. 6 months prior to launching CE, they actually revamped the whole combat system for the better.

All ARK did 6 month prior to release was nerf everything that was fun about it. RIP Volcano and flyer speed… RIP Raft starter bases cuz of those danm Leeds.

And yes. At the very least they got pathing down right. It only took them a whole lot longer than the total existence of CE to get there.

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