Why is pvp siptah serves so low populated eu?

As title says, i tend to like siptah more now especcialy when on exile map u can print/buy infinite thralls and dalinsia and legendariske and steel Wich makes nothing have any value if all is free.

Siptah atleast stuff has meaning more now

Your answer is in your question.

Because siptah dosent really get updated anymore , and the pvp is more balanced on exiled lands along with everything is easier on exile lands also .

what is unbalanced on siptah_

When Siptah arrived exile lands were empty. People played a lot Siptah and now they return back.
But the greatest reasons that Siptah goes empty more and more is the rng and the servers quality ! In exile lands the “best” are there waiting for you to learn them with a simple travel and you are ready to build and fight. The servers performing better than Siptah. Whenever i join Siptah servers crash is certain! On exile lands i may spend 8 hours straight without a single crash.
One last thing. Exile lands is home, Siptah is the island we do vacations!

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Personally i dont find siptah unbalanced , i just find the syle of combat diferent, but most people always point out the gear you get from vaults is the issue , but most of the siptah gear has been nerfed or is useless now . But everyones hatred for siptah was from trasfers mostly , gave people a advantage if they had the map . Also siptah dosent really have any very good building spots .

Because at the moment siptah is broken, the south of the map is causing ctd. Funcom have acknowledged this error but no ETA on a fix yet.

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I personally dislike vanilla siptah due to lack of fast travel but I enjoy playing it modded. I have added some custom teleports in my private game.


I may be wrong, but i’d say you would get way more PvP inclined crowd on PSN North America. And yeah, expansion map you have to pay for, which is small and feels half-empty / unfinished - i wouldn’t expect it to be very popular overall.

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