Why so much "Game Dead" stuff as is/ not?

Ego in a game that has a pvp mode ? Naaaaah show me proof (sic)…jk. I believe ego and laziness are the two main factors for those who protect exploits, exploiters, and other cheaters. I have found players who play dishonestly in games who will yell a game is dead simply because of a LACK of exploits and ways to cheat the system. Often times these players they will say that the game is too simple (dishonest techniques and broken mechanics not available in the game) or casual if it lacks again these things.

It definitely would. I do know many ‘bugs’ are G-Portal specific. And all Consoles MP is on G-Portal as far as I know.

I’m also curious to know how many issues are 1300 day old database issues. Because there’s been alot of complaints lately that leave me scratching my head, ‘like what are you all talking about?’

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And @DanQuixote @CodeMage thank you guys! Now I see it a bit clearer.

I really am a causal gamer, Conan is the first where I heard the term ‘testlive’. I can’t even download it, no free space :laughing:
However with the deadlines my thoughts were the same, that it is not depends only on the devs, but on the upper management (as anywhere, and a lot of times who is responsible for keeping the deadlines tight, have no clue what it takes to keep up with the deadlines, let alone know how those things work).

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Sometimes, the banned are innocent. I was banned. I joined a clan and 2 days later the clan was banned due to actions taken months prior to my joining the clan. 5 day ban.

I submitted a report and by the time Hugo got around to it, 7 days had passed. The ban system is broken and can take additional days to process the ban being lifted.

The clan lost everything, this was unintended, the ban was short enough to prevent decay. The processes added to the ban length and poof everything was gone.

It had nothing to do with ego. When i reported the scenario, under which i found myself, i did nothing wrong but join the wrong clan. So i asked for the ban to be repealed. The Moderators didnt get on the extra days issue until it was day 7 of the ban. Again, i lost everything.

Some people are not liars. Some people are narrow minded. Some people dont mind judging others without knowing a damned thing about them. Some people cannot see their own actions.


Yup, I’ve made the same point several times on these forums. I dunno if it’s “ego” so much tho. Do you call it ego when you were 10 and your mom caught you doing something you shouldn’t have been doing, and you repeatedly told her: “It wasn’t me mom! Honest, I swear!”?

The only difference here is that text is so easy to hide behind whereas your mom knew you were full of beans! Also these people aren’t ten any longer and know how to fortify falsehoods with half truths and indignation.

So far however, almost everyone who has come here and tried that (and that’s like 90% of people lodging ban and demolition complaints), has been given enough rope that the truth snuck out during the long and many exchanges. :wink: Which was good for me because I wanted to know just what was going on and what FC was doing precisely. I now think I have a very good idea.

Name one! Besides Jesus or something…

it’s relative but I would say ALL people are.

In the extreme version of this those who don’t, find themselves in very bad existential situations.

Like 90% of humanity? Yup, agreed. :wink:

It’s OK though. This is part of the human condition and while we are all and do all of these things the better of us can strive for betterment, love, forgiveness, understanding and harmony. It’s the contrast that makes this world a beautiful place!

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Then, unfortunately, it seems you appealing was the problem. The ToS are quite clear - all clan members receive the ban, regardless of responsibility, no exceptions. If the ban was not long enough to cause delay, but you appealing extended the ban to be long enough, then that is a problem with the process (since it should not result in extending the ban) but it is also a problem caused by you appealing, since there was zero chance the ban would have been lifted.

It is certainly an unfortunate situation, and arguably an unfair situation - but it is also a matter of personal responsibility, as the rules make absolutely clear. I would say that the rules make it very risky to clan up with anyone that you do not already know very well to begin with. Arguably this may push more people to play solo or in smaller clans - but either way, the rules are clearly stated and clearly posted. It is highly unlikely that anyone was going to make a special exception. An appeal should not extend the duration of the ban, that is an issue, but there was little to no chance it would have been successful.


I did report the ban as i ststed it. I got the typical responce from narrow minded people. Guilty by association. Day 5 of the ban was over. Still couldnt log. Filed a report, 2 days later i got a response asking for more information. A further delay. No point in continuing at that point. Due to policy, FC accidentally taketh away, due to policy, FC will not give back. Period.

All i was pointing out is i had no hand in any activity in that clan until i joined. I understand the rules. I accepted the ban based on the rules. That does not make me guilty of the clans actions before i joined. Thats my point. Innocent. Not a liar. Accepted my responsibility.

Not everybody is as you would like them to be. Dont make broad strokes.

Nor did I say that it makes you guilty of their actions - merely that the rules state it is your responsibility as you accepted. That may make you ‘innocent of the bannable offense’, but unfortunately that does not make you ‘innocent of any reason for a ban’. These are important distinctions - many of the comments people are making about guilt or innocence take little account of this distinction - including yours which simply states you were ‘innocent’, but the rules show that while you may not have committed the offense you are still responsible (as you have accepted).

I did not call you a liar - nor have I made any ‘broad strokes’ or accused anyone of being anything. I simply pointed out to you that the ToS make clear you are not ‘innocent’ as far as the rules are concerned, since they do not take account of who committed the offense, they simply blanket impact everyone connected. I think maybe you should re-read my second paragraph -

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Well said. If only people realized they were debating opinions and not do or die situations, it would be more civil on here.


Though and agreed by the way. But this is a game and needs rules and at times I think that players feel the game is broken if they don’t get to make all the rules without Funcom being allowed to change something on their game.

Human nature is often times the need to win as winning is akin to survival still in our minds. This is not a bad thing btw. We will not die , however if we lose a game though we stop playing it if we cease enjoying it for whatever reason. Though killing a game for others because we don’t want to play it anymore ??

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I really, really doubt that. I’ve seen shocking lack of civility both from people who present their opinions as facts and from those who call them out on it.

I mean, it’s not that hard to avoid presenting your opinions as if they were solid facts or to provide your sources, just as it should not be that hard to remain civil when pointing out fallacies.

Maybe I’m a pessimist, but you can’t blame me for that when there are people on these forums who only bring up civility in a very specific, very selective context. As long as you never bring up civility when people are called “fanboys”, “white knights”, or worse, I’m going to keep doubting your intentions.

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Everyone who is in this thread who has been supposedly wrongfully banned because of something your clanmate did years ago or whatever… why don’t you all band together and form a new clan together?

I mean if you all are innocent, you should be able to get together, form a group, and stay within the rules, right? You all trust each other right?


One would hope you would trust your clan mates. Long before these strings of bans and base removals there was still exploiting players and down right cheaters. I have join clans and found out that they were cheating and I left the clan immediately .

Yes, it was inconvenient and yes I asked them to quit cheating before I left, but I was the new guy why would they listen to me especially if they thought it gave them an edge and they didn’t give s**t about fair play as long as they were winning. I left on my own and joined other because I simply will not play with cheaters and I don’t care about the edge cheating gives, its cheating!

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Me too…I’m always tweaking…btw did you see the you tube about chests being on level with the floor? Layer your foundation down twice with fence foundations and the chest fits perfectly level with your floor. Don’t need to stack if it’s part of the hallway.

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Ad homenum attacks just need to go. Countering an argument by attacking the poster, personally, is how we get all uncivil…those that believe their stances are an extension of themselves is the root cause of this.


Yup! Fun stuff!

Wait what? I’m not understanding… Chests sometimes don’t sit level with the floor?


I have had them float before myself and had to reseat them.


I’ve had them float before too but always a cause was evident. Some grass that was getting collision detection (mistakenly?) or the corner of the bottom of a pillar, etc. Is that what’s he’s talking about? And layering helps that? How cool. Now I wanna see the video. :slight_smile:


I think what Erjoh is suggesting is to use the fence foundation building trick to lower a foundation so that the tops of the chests are level with the surrounding floor.
(This is just a way to adjust the height of foundations relative to each other - fence foundations can snap onto the side of a normal foundation at two heights, one flush and one lower - if you snap to the lower position and then snap a normal foundation to that, you’ve lowered the foundation by one step - you can then remove the fence foundation (and the original foundation if desired) and continue lowering as needed) - example from my old Siptah base - the entrance stairway is full foundations -


Yep exactly. Smskcntr had a vid showing this technique for chests…I was just floored. I knew about fence lowering, it’s how you ceiling stack ; but to use it to hide those hideous chests?.. so simple…I’m not worthy. 9x9 and I got over 100 chests in that spot. And can cover it with a rug so no one has to see your business.