Why you HAVE TO Wipe servers!

Hello exiles and Dev team!

this is now getting out of control. On every server i’ve been and i was checking that. There are huge. When i say huge i really mean it, huge building from clans. Bases around big mountains, whole wall of foundetions around it. Its just unraidable and no fun. They have all. Main reason is why you should wipe server give back people this HYPE or NEW start! Every 1, 2 or 3 months servers should be wiped. Start hype is the best. Where people would do different stuff and fix what they couldnt before in building or something else, or build on other location. Just wiped them…please! No point to play on server where is a base like half of the map. Or some huge territory taken by someone. We need a wipe. Devs just do it. You will see after that also, servers will get better performance.

Trust me!
Stay good and keep hunting!

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They said since the beggining of ea official servers would never be wiped after launch, and only a minority that have enough free time to play or got raided, looses everything asks for wipes, this won’t happen, more than 50% of the playerbase doesn’t want wipes and if FC do it ppl will get rage and quit the game, just look at the replies of every post regarding this to see what im talking about and please, dont try to persuade me that wipes are good dor this and that, this is not the first post about it and sadly it won’t be the last.

Are you worried about how big people build ? Get loaded in explosives, make war, or keep the lamentation of the woman.


Server wipes not needed

maybe a nice read, have a cool day!

im sorry mate but you probably just go to new\empty server (maybe its not very populated, but people can join later)
but i know what you mean
im sick of this big clans too, why:
well, i have nothing vs big clans, i get it, if they huge and tough maybe they need one big base in every domain (biome), but jesus, not the 123123 ones (included sheds 2x2 and etc)
they spam whole map with crap abbadoned bases…and dont have any politiness to destroy useless ones, probably they join every 1-2 days for sec, so decay wont help, and i dont know why, purges arent help too (in my official server) i saw a dozens of empty no-puprose bases, belongs to big clans, which are not wiped

also they block ruins or boss spawns with some kind of wall and it makes game laggy af (its laggy and buggy by default jesus, why more?)

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mate read 222727 people comments on steam… playing on 1060\1070\1080 gtx with lowest ping (40-50) - feels like 555 ping, in some cases mobs or players just teleporting 2-5 meters, and some sort of stuttering issue too

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some of these bases have taken huge amounts of time , and being solo player, it is even worse why wipe. My base alone took over 2 million stone and is large but noone helped me, just because you are unhappy find a new server. Some of us bought the game because we like building and most of the servers people dont have problems actually they like these bases and ask for advice. You cant make everyone happy, make a server that wipes and give people that option. It is also a good idea to add alliances so tribes can share bases and share crafting stations etc . Other games had the same problem and put this in and issues have dropped 75 percent. It also adds more gameplay for players who work and dont have alot of time but keep can keep up with the alpha tribes.

I would love to play 90 day wipe servers

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I believe funcom had servers like that during EA and discontinued them cause nobody played on them…hardcore pvp or something type.

Correct. I believe it was even the intended (“default”) way to play initially, and it’s part of the reason the game “tops out” fairly quickly unless you’re into building: you were supposed to be wiped around the time when you got too powerful for most non-boss content to be a challenge.

But as you say, very few people seemed to like it, and here we are. Everyone’s a hoarder at heart :moneybag:

As I remember it wasn’t the default way to play,just a different server type.There wasn’t alot of them at first and not much demand either…I myself dont prefer it at all,but if funcom tried it on some dead servers it wouldn’t bother me at all.

You could be right. I mean, you are right - at EA launch it was certainly not the only way to play. I guess what I should have said is that my personal theory is that it was the intended way to play during the initial design phases, just like PVE was not supposed to be a thing. But I have no basis or proof of that, it’s just my thoughts.

Hello Myzra3I. I’m agree with you and what has been said in this post. It should be some never-wiped Servers so that the people who want to keep a base during a year or more could do it, but it’s true that I was looking for a good one to start playing and I finally rented my own server after watch that the official servers were all full of boxed bunkers. I won’t play in the official servers as they are right now, but in a 3 months wiped server yes, I don’t have any trouble re-starting te game after three months, what else can I do? Also agree with the statement that Funcom said it would never happen, but This is the suggestion post, isn’t it? :grin:

The 30 day wiped ones where “testlive” ones i f i remember well.
but all was test so it was not tagged as such.

Not sure

Yup, they were called Blitz Servers. They reset/wiped every 30 days or something and we had them back in early access for certain servers. They weren’t very popular.


By all means experiment with it, as long as you do it on new servers (because I know I’d hate it).

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