Wierd Screaming around Westwatch keep?

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [Westwatch Keep]

[So I have a base for steelfire crafting on one server at Westwatch Keep because of the proximity to thick hide creatures and brimstone, i fortified the existing walls and used the flat platforms for crafting stations and the lower ruin floors to build and keep tames. But when im around my walls, the main gate area and close to the base of the tower i hear yelling, like a man yelling as if in combat. Like hes swinging a large weapon. It doesnt sound like any player or thrall sound byte that ive ever heard, and it happens every minute or so. It only happens in select areas around my base and happens when absolutely no one else is on the server. I went looking to see if any thralls spawned around but havent seen any anywhere, especially within earshot. Is this a bug? Or is there some kind of sound emitter hidden here? Cuz its definitely not other players or thralls.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build base at Westwatch Keep
  2. Keep your ears open around the base.

Maybe a NPC thrall spawned under the mesh around your keep? You could use the admin tools to ghost through the ground or in the mountains and look around to see if a NPC spawned there.

I doubt that, this has been happening since i started playing this server. It shouldve despawned weeks ago if thats the case. Also im not the admin. I dont even know of any nocs besides rhinos and rocknoses that spawn around there. I was thinking maybe it was somekind of unique sound emitter for it being haunted, like the ghosts whispering at the flower ring beside sanctuary ruins.

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