Will Clan alliances be in when the game goes live?

Will Clan alliances be in when the game goes live? Or are they planned for later, or at all?

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Clan alliances usually devolve into a server wide nutcup, effectively killing off competition and after a while PvP grinds to a halt, people get bored and the server goes inactive.

Fun idea on paper, awful in the reality of a game.

In fact i would love it. If you could ally with only 1 or 2 other clans, leaving or kicking out clan from the alliance would take some time to make sure that 1 clan wont get into your base , then break the alliance and wipe you from inside… I met few players i would like to cooperate with, but I am not in mood to share my base with them or allow this players to rebuild my base, but i would love to raid with them, go to dungeon and not be attacked by their thralls at the same time.

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Joel did confirm that alliances are not planned for the game. Check the streams, he did mention it like a month or so ago. Since they are in content lock they can’t add anything not even text, joel said that aswell in their last stream. Will they add it after launch? who knows.

Well since we play on a PVE server killing off competition is not a consideration. But we still want separate clans for the fun of it and having a clan coop setting for at least PVE servers in the future would be great.

And what purpus will that do? A chat or not able to atack?

I think it would be better if we could make “Friends”, a halfway measure between Enemy and Clan Member. This way you’d be able to pass my defended buildings without being shot at, but I would still be able to lock away valuables which I don’t want you having access to.

I explain this more here:

Good idea PitMonk.
Sounds like what we want. Able to coop but not sharing stuff in locked containers and not getting hit by each others thralls.