Will there be an update in life before the release of the game, if so, when?

Will there be an update in life before the release of the game, if so, when?

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On steam, when last test build came out they said : Once we’re happy with the state of Testlive it will be rolled out to the regular live version.

source : http://steamcommunity.com/games/440900/announcements/detail/1671273465558063694

they also said 2 months ago, but nothing has changed!
Wait for the update before the release or forget the game before the release?

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If they don’t roll out a new version on live before lunch, they will go in the wall because most of the thing will not be tested / balanced / adjusted.

So i hope for them they will realease a new live version.

it seems to me that the release of May 8 will not work out, too many mistakes, and much has not been fixed, as it was, and the game is still very raw

Have you try the test version ? because they have done a lot of great thing, but still need some fix

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The test version is still worse than in the live version

can you tell us in more detail?

1 - the graphics of the game deteriorated
2 - ping and sagging did not change
3 - permanent crashes and drops of the server
Should I continue?

The Hard thing here is that they have tow version of the game, one with all new biome and everything that will be here for lunch, and the version we have.

And when you have something that work fine (version with everything) if you remove something like other biome, new stuff etc… you nevers realy know what will happen with this version until player / QA test it.

I’m almost certain that the internal build with everything is ok and the QA team work on this build to be ready for the 8 and not the one live/test version.

Where ? have you screen to compare ?

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@Myrdhim i don’t remeber where but they said that graphic is lower on test probably because they have some tool to catch log and everything, and as is consuming a lot of resouces they probaly lower the graphic, but that just a gess for why.

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I’m in the game for 2000 hours. I know what I’m talking about.

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It seems that the Easter Testlive update restored the graphics to their previous levels. The one prior to that definitely had lower graphics detail. My current medium setting looks better than the ultra before the Easter weekend.

Ok, but it’s for collecting data in testlive, in the live build, graphics should be restaured

  1. Imho it looks better on tetslive
  2. Do not see problem here. I’m used to play on EU with ping 60-80, but now on US with about 150ms - all works as usual.
  3. Afer mamonth’s fix? I’m only have some ‘fatal errors’. Server (US1) works stable.

Yes, please!

On my server, ping is 40-60, but it is with cunning settings, and theoretically it should be no more than 10-20 ideally - only after the new year they did nothing and just now started - I hope that in the end everything will be fixed by May 8

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Ping is a function of the internet, it is a measurement of the time interval between the client and server.
It varies with the ebb and flow of internet traffic. NO GAME code can guarantee a lower ping.

do not tell me about ping - network code U4 is working fine, it’s as usual Fancom pumped!