Will they add magic spells and new mounts?

Will they add magic spells and new mounts?

Probably not soon, but probably eventually.

New mounts, probably. They’ve already teased about some ideas they have in the works. No clue about the timeline, though.

Magic, maybe. A big maybe. Remember that sorcery in the Conan universe isn’t like we’re used to seeing in modern high fantasy. Actual battle magic was almost non-existent in Howard’s stories. Magic was a lot more ritualistic and included summoning otherworldly monsters, cursing your opponent from afar, causing strange weather phenomena, etc.

The Grandmaster of the Black Circle (People of the Black Circle) was able to transform himself into an eagle and telekinetically rip the heart out of his enemy’s chest. But he was among the most powerful magic-users in the world. In a battle between Setite priests and Khitan mystic-monks (Hour of the Dragon), the Khitans used a form of magic where their touch could kill, but mostly even that combat was fought using sticks and daggers. Zogar Sag (Beyond the Black River) could summon animals from the wilderness and make them do his bidding, and Tascela (Red Nails) could restore her youth by sacrificing young women.

There’s not very much in the books that have an easy in-game application. The alchemical orbs we already have in game represent the form of “magical projectiles” seen in the books.


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