Will upgrading my vid card solve the NVidia crashing issues?

So, will upgrading help? It’s about time I upgrade anyway. Currently have GTX660 which was pretty decent a gazillion years ago. Does the job, but there’s all those new and shiny powerful video cards out there :wink: I’ve just been too cheap to upgrade, because I’ll probably have to upgrade my motherboard and I don’t know what else so everything will be compatible.

It might if you don’t buy an Nvidia card. :confused:

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I had no issues with my 760 or 1070, doesn’t mean they’re generally okay though.

So, that’s a good strong maybe. Or maybe not. :grin: So are there any good alternatives to NVidia?

Nvidia’s drivers crash a lot and AMD’s drivers cause the game to nag you about having old drivers every time you launch. It’s a win/win situation really :v:

Crashing might also be related to the OS you use. Purely anecdotal, but I had TSW/SWL installed on Win7-64 for 7 years and barely ever crash, even though I changed several videocards in that time, and many more driver versions.

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Yes it’ll help. The GTX660 is like 7yo.

You can pick any Nvidia RTX, they’re good graphics cards. Just remember to keep the driver version on 425.31 to avoid random crashes while running the game in DX 11.

I didn’t try SWL with an AMD card, but the Radeon RX series seems of equal quality.

It’s important not to do this, since any version below 431.60 has security flaws: https://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4841

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I appreciate the ongoing replies. I tried reverting to an older version, but that didn’t work - probably because I didn’t do it correctly. But it really is time I upgraded my comp. The vid card is about 7 yo. as Liedhart pointed out - which is when I had my comp custom built. Still does the job, but eventually there will be a game I want to play that my comp won’t be able to handle. For now, I’ll put up w/the crashes. Anyone know a reputable place in San Diego that custom builds gaming computers :wink:

Unfortunately, every update will bring new security flaws while patching old ones.

Though, the risk of getting a DoS attack on a personal computer is quite low (and imo, pretty pointless)
Those patches are mainly made for professionals who need to protect their online businesses for example.

But if it feels safer, or if you need the latest version of the driver to play different games than SWL, running the game in DX9 may ease the crashing issue.

@Dabudo I know those two online website where you can make your own computer or pick and customize a premade one. Then they build it and send it to you :

Or, if you feel confident enough, you can just pick the parts there (to avoid compatibility issues) and then build it yourself ! :star_struck:

This isn’t actually true though, it’s just vague nonsense that sounds enough like a truism that people will nod and go “hmm, yes” when you say it :v: