Workbench for building structures

Would be cool if there was a workbench for building structures. Crafting them inside your inventory should still be a thing to make it possible to craft some structures while exploring but when you are buildn walls and stuff for a new base you oftebn end up standing around being overburdened and have to wait untill they are done.


I agree… It would add to Carpenter Thralls usefulness

No it won’t be cool. It’d be awful. The best and in fact only way to clear the hand crafting menu is to add tabs. But adding another workstation is definitely not the way to go.

I didnt mean to remove it from hand crafting to clear the menu. I ment that you can build them in the character menu AND in the workbench. So you dont have to stand around afk while building a bunch of stuff at once. Hand crafting would still be an option in case you are short of one or two walls or foundations etc so you dont have to go back to the crafting bench for such a small amount.


FC would have to make a new crafting table for it, otherwise you could have 50% ressource cost or/and 200% crafting time reduction, If for example you could make it at the Artisan table (put a T4 armorer in there).

And I would never craft anything at my own after that.

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