World boss blocking on official

I specifically mentioned “Classic Legendaries”

And the Red Mother is a Unique NPC, so blocking it would not be tolerated even if it were possible to build in the Unnamed City.

I’m just asking

Thing is we really shouldn’t need to find work arounds, or alternate ways of doing something.

This decision does not solve anything. Does create far more problems.
This decision does not make less of a work load for admin, but increases it.
This decision does make more areas build-able, because people are already building there. At best it will just cause more conflict on PVP and PVE.

Thing is funcom knows we wont quit. If anything was going to end this game is was the nemedian foundation “fix”. How many people that were hit by that actually quit?

Now, I’m retired, today it’s going to be too hot and humid for me to be out in it. I could set here and play Conan 18 hours today; insomniac. I could be on test farming mats to build that 3 spoke trap base, could be on live upgrading my sand stone drop bases to T3blocks and/or adding my third dropbase/transtone pad. But I will be on 7day working on my ginsu pit for hoard night.

I still question if the one rule that seemed to be clear and carved in stone isn’t, are any of the TOS actually rules, or just suggestions?

Maybe that is the point. Disillusion people so they quite filling reports. That will certainly drop the work load. If the game loses some players, well they probably weren’t shopping in the bazaar anyway.

I don’t care how big a piece of wood you start with, you keep carving away at it and you wont have anything left.

I guess my optimistic interpretation of this is how a Player would be informed if they did something against the Guidelines:

Ya, good luck with that. Most get an unable to retrieve error

I wanted to share my final thoughts on this subject.

I think its fair to say that the folks who frequent these forums are a small percentage of the Conan Exiles Player Community.
That said, I do think the vocal participants on this Forum are somewhat representative of the diverse types of players that can be found on Conan Exiles.

With few exceptions, most folks seem to think that allowing the Build over of World Bosses is not a good idea for a variety of reasons.

It seems to create a dual definition for what is considered Content
With statement like this in the Guidelines,

My interpretation of this includes World Bosses, and the Legendary Weapons they provide access to.
It would appear that Funcom Staff have a different interpretation of this.

I see this as problematic for a few reasons.

It has the potential to create more animosity amongst the players, and that is not good.
It erodes trust in the Company because it seems this decision was made in a rather arbitrary way and reduces confidence that Reports will be reviewed seriously when submitted.
It also opens the door to more interpretations of what Content should and should not be safeguarded increasing the grey area of the Guidelines, rather than reducing it.
I don’t see this decision resulting in fewer Ticket submissions, rather as more World Bosses get blocked off, I would expect Ticket submissions to increase.

There may be other factors at play that We the players are not aware of that were part of the process resulting in this decision, but based on the information available to me, this seems like a poor position to take on this issue.

Thanks for reading.


This seems like a valid assessment, and definitely an issue if its the case.

@Community if players are having difficulty getting an explanation as to the reason for their Suspension, what would you suggest?

Scroll up, my suggestion was to go automated. In my opinion the only real way to stop people braking the TOS is to just not let them do it.

Well, I didn’t use to like that suggestion, @DeaconElie . Trying to solve by game design what should be solved by moderation.
But after decisions like this one, that create grey areas prone to different interpretations depending on the administrator personal take on the matter, I’m now in favor.


I still don’t like it. Sure, add no-build zones around bosses, I’ve changed my mind on that, even though they would be a symbolic gesture more than anything.

But building limits and whatnot? Screw that. Despite what @DeaconElie claims all the time, building limits wouldn’t solve any real problem. They would only remove his own pet peeves, bases that he considers should not exist, bu the rules are not about what he likes or doesn’t like. The rules are (supposed to be) about ruining other people’s gameplay experience.

Building limits wouldn’t remove any of the real problems we’re seeing. Foundation spam around the base? Walls too far out from your base? A big bridge? None of those would go away with building limits.

And, going back to this thread’s original topic, building limits wouldn’t prevent blocking world bosses, either. Hell, even no-build zones around them wouldn’t work well enough to prevent that. The good thing about a no-build zone is that it lets a clueless player know that there’s something here you shouldn’t build on. But now that we all know that Funcom is okay with world bosses being blocked, people who actually know what they’re doing could build a wall around the no-build zone and have their own “personal” boss.

So no, automation of the kind @DeaconElie proposes would not work.

Automation of a different kind might, but that’s a different topic.


Why should that be a different topic?

And you’ve seen the builds I’m talking about so aught to know it’s not really a “ME” thing.

But seriously tell me how to deal with these mega builds?

It would remove one problem → Building on a Boss Spawn to prevent it from spawning altogether.
Still can find a way to block them :notlikethis:, but at least they are spawning :theworst:

With proper moderation. If a “mega build” does not actually break any of the rules, then you’ll have to learn to live with it. If it does, then it should be wiped as a violation.

Tell me, do you like it when Funcom nerfs something into uselessness because they can’t be bothered to properly balance their game?

You’re proposing the same thing, but on a much larger scale than just a few weapons. You’re proposing to cripple the building system, because Funcom can’t be bothered to properly moderate the servers.

And you know what? I would rather go back to the bad old days of Wild West on official servers than see that happen. If they can’t moderate the servers, they should just say so and end this stupid charade.

No, a no-build zone would do that, as I explained and agreed in my post. Building limits that @DeaconElie is pushing for are something else:

Even if all those limits were added, Zendesk still wouldn’t be for “just cheaters and exploiters”. Far from it. Those limits would have to be ridiculously low to prevent the majority of building abuses. And if they weren’t that low, then they would be largely symbolic.

Funny thing is, this is not the first time (or even 10th or 20th time) this was proposed. And the counter-argument is the same every time. And the reaction to it is always the same: silence or evasion.

No, the building limits will not come even close to solving the problem. We’ve had one useless limit added already, we don’t need more.

Oh I misunderstood and though you were talking about a no-build zone :+1:

Besides the building limits were not to stop large building but to stop large strain on client and server systems.

If we are to be honest about that, thrall limiting to 10 per player would work better than limiting foundations.

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No building limits! Sorry @DeaconElie , but efe that! I prefer risking a suspension than having a building limit!
I didn’t know that was part of the package. :smile:

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@erjoh ,20 thralls, but very strong when guarding. With 10 the base looks dead if it is on the bigger side.


This is what is the most viable based on the track record and events of late.

Why have such a system if it is done so poorly?

Like honestly, I’m just so tired of being jerked around, at fault somehow, having sung praises, thinking I’m doing the right thing, educating, reading, adjusting, being disappointed, confused, performing my due diligence, supporting, everything.

Then this. It’s a slap in the face.

My first report was for a gigantic base that blocked multiple bosses. I wish I could go back and not have done it knowing what I know now. I am sorry to that full clan that was affected. I thought I was doing the right thing.