World Bosses are boring, even with large groups

It’s like hitting a player house with your weapons, you spend so much time doing the same repetitive moves for such a little reward, that you don’t even bother with it.

Making bosses a bullet sponge doesn’t increase challenge, neither makes it fun, instead it drives people away from it. A better solution is to give bosses different attack moves and patterns, we could even be old school and give them phases, and make them way more deadly instead of tanky, buff damage not health.

It’s better to fight something that I will die a couple of times in the attempt, than to spend a couple of minutes hitting something so predictable that you’ll can dodge 90% of the time.


some bosses are also just waaaaaay too BIG… Rhino, Elephant, Big Tree/Undead Rocknose thing… their moves looks so bad… an you hit their feet yet killing them…? Crock has also totally stupid movement. Tiger, Bug and Scorpion are OK in terms of size, and there should e more bosses/rare creatures like this, some even in packs or something…

It would be cool to have dual bosses together, like two badass Hyenas in the desert and two Dire wolves in the north.

exactly. Wolf or Hyena “boss” would have, lets say, 50% chance for key drop and the rest of the pack (also boss like creatures but with less HP and DMG) could have something like 10-20%. so when you fight it in group even other players has some chance to get their item as well. Also Respawn time of this creature is under 20 minutes… and that is just silly…

I will attempt some world bosses and let you know my opinion though usually it’s hardcore guys who think hard bosses are easy and predictable.

Well when it comes to this game…

Some bosses will not attack.
Some bosses will attack, but ignore your position.
Some bosses commit suicide.
Some bosses swing their weapons wildly and hit nothing but air (no dodging necessary).
Most bosses really do have extremely predictable attack patterns, with only one or two moves. There’s only like one boss with more than a couple attacks.

This game has the worst bosses I’ve seen in 30 years of gaming. NES bosses had better AI.
Only one was any challenge or fun. (And that wasn’t really much of a challenge.)

They have a lot of HP, but that’s all. (Well, not even all have a lot of HP…)

I agree the worldbosses have a way bit to much hp but thx to this crazy guy :wink: the most bosses are now easy and fun to farm

try it for yourself, i like it :smiley:


Seems like it could be amusing to do once. But with the current state of the AI, you can kill some world bosses without them even trying to hit you. So cheesing is not necessary even at low levels.

It does look a lot faster though.

Problem is, very often I’m standing IN the monster and can not dodge away…

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wow i have to say i’m pretty amazed how fast this boss is getting trashed by those spikes !!!
But this is NO FUN at all.
Sure, at some point bosses get boring pretty fast, but at least you feel you’ve earned your reward (i some way because boring it is indeed).
With that stuff i 'd feel i’d be cheating, nothing more.
So i prefer keeping on killing one boss every 2 days or so in a legit way, untll they make these fights better.


For me i don´t care about bosses after the hp change, i found the video and share it for the guys who don´t want spend a few hours to kill a boss. :slight_smile:

It looks funny :smiley:

So everyone is free to do what they want…or not


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No other game recently, made boss fights better than Dragon’s Dogma, there’s nothing of hitting the guy in the feet there, you’ll climb the huge thing on it’s back and stab it in it’s neck.

But that’s like that other girlfriend with bigger boobs than you’r current one has, there’s nothing you can do to change that ( no implants, for the sake of the argument ) so you’ll have to stick with the one you have because she’s better overall.
So we can never have something epic like that in CE, as we can’t have some other epic experiences we have in CE playing DD.

Declaring this desired “utopia”, I’m not asking to something epic, i’m just stating that making something tanky, doesn’t necessarily makes it harder. What makes a boss harder is a costly punishment for your mistakes and a lack of predictability, this way you won’t have to follow the same formula for a long time, but to take some precautions and be ready to improvise.


It’s better to spend half and hour trying to kill some boss because you die all the time, than it’s to spend the same half hour because of it’s massive health poll.


Agreed. Tons of health just makes it boring.
I’d also be cool with it taking a while if it was because I was having to dodge or use some strategy, not because I’m standing still whacking away at a living resource node with too much health.

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Would have to agree with everyone, fought the demon spider. Went into the fight thinking this was gonna be hard but nope, his attacks were slow and lungy so all I had to do was move beside him and keep hitting. You’d think he could or should make use of his stinger. But the Ent was a harder fight. Would be cool for some mechanics to be added and make em a little more on par with an MMO.

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