Wrong payment..can i cancel

Hi…i did a payment But i wanted to pay for 1 month and i pay by accident for 1 year… i want to cancel my payment…can you help;

you will have to deal with the customers service, otherwise if you cancel the payment from your bank or other service, your account will get banned.

You can submit an email ticket to customer service, but it’s three months minimum for a reply.

This is incorrect information. You only get banned if you dispute the charge as a fraudulent purchase. If you paid through PayPal, You can request a refund directly through PayPal. That’s usually the best way to pay and deal with funcom in general. Use PayPal. If you paid through a credit card do not dispute the charge as fraudulent. Simply request a refund from Funcom and wait for their response

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you explained what i meant better than i did =)

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