Xbox crashes and the why it happens

so when my game crashes back to back my friends tell me to delete the reserved space and i’ve done that a few times and on this 7th time deleting the reserve i saw it, the reserved space for xbox is only 256MB and that’s small for for a game like this ARK has 512MB skyrim has 5 GB and it is skyrim that reminded me of this problem because it used to crash a lot on the 360 and PC not sure about PS but a Youtuber named Gopher made a video about manually increasing the storage space on PC from 512 to whatever size you wanted.
so to fix the crashing all is needed is to change the reserved space to 512MB or even better a full 1GB just to one up ARK.

i would post a link of Gopher’s video of him talking about skyrim’s crashes but links don’t work but if anyone is interested you can search “Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 84” and it should pop up