Xbox Halloween Update (31.10.2018)


I paid money too my good friend, I buy the gold subscription every once in awhile! You know! Monthly internet bill…69.99, so an extra 9.99 a month for gold is kind of highway robbery when those that play on pc that monthly internet bill is their excess to everything that the console has to pay extra for! But this is INDEED A FALLEN WORLD! I’m sure you already know that my good bro, my good brethren…:clinking_glasses: :ok_hand:


Off topic, but in terms of the Xbox Gold subscription, if money is tight you can actually get it for free … just sign up for Microsoft Rewards and you accumulate points for using Bing search, buying games (and other stuff) through the store and so on. You can then spend those points in a variety of ways, one of them for a month, 3 month or annual subscription. They also have some fun stuff (quizzes, etc.) that can earn you reward points.

Personally, I haven’t paid for an Xbox Gold subscription since 2016-ish, and I’m “paid” up through the summer of 2020. Yeah, it requires drinking the Microsoft Kool-Aid and whatnot. But if you can overcome any such religious objections, it’s a simple way to get your Gold subscription for free.


We are aware that you xbox and ps4 players are waiting for the patch. Very sorry about the delay. We are trying to get the patches ready as fast as we can :frowning:
It’s a mix of issues we wanted to fix and having to go through Certification


If you’re actually fixing these issues that came up with the post-event update that was pushed to PC, then that’s great. I think most of us console folk will take a few more days of this to ensure that those bugs are fixed and not pushed out to us as well. If that’s the case, I would suggest that it would have been a good idea to make that crystal clear to us from the start. “Hey guys, we’re sorry about the delay but we want to make sure we didn’t push out the PC bugs to the consoles, so we’re working on getting this out as quickly as we can.” Angst, wailing and gnashing of teeth avoided.

Being a software developer myself, I know bugs happen. Mistakes are made, and the more complex the systems are the more likely there are going to be unexpected problems that come up. What seems to have wound people up, however, was that this event and everything that went sideways with it was largely an unforced error on Funcom’s part. I understand your intentions were good here, but, well, you know.


One other thought here. I think most players, regardless of platform, would really appreciate a public post mortem from you guys on the event. I’m not talking about a “we’re sorry” post, I’m talking about a detailed (even somewhat technical) discussion of what you were trying to accomplish, what you felt worked, what you found didn’t work as you expected, and the specific steps that you’re taking (both in design and process) to ensure that these kinds of problems won’t happen again.

As the saying goes, failing at something new isn’t a bad thing; you learn more from your failures than your successes. It’s only when you keep failing in the same way over and over that it becomes a problem.


To ride on Megaton238’s coattails, I wouldn’t mind waiting longer if it means we are getting a bug free version. Granted, I’m not a programmer, so for all I know it’s just a case of unruly squirrels. :joy:

Now, trust me I say that with mixed feelings as I want to start playing and not focusing on meteors.


Don’t hold your breath on getting a fixed pc patch pushed through to ps4/Xbox … it doesn’t seem to be the way it works for the majority of the parity patches … they push out the same broken patch to the other platforms and then the fixes for them days later after those fixes have gone through certification.
The only time I’ve seen them push through a parity patch which contained the hot fixes for stuff the patch broke as well was the much delayed “mother of all patches” as fighting a particular boss would crash a server 100% of the time…so it was bundled into the parity patch.


True, but hope springs eternal, as they say.


Still waiting for this darkness to end!!!




The light shines once again on the Exiled Lands, as the Night of Lost Souls passes: