Xbox Hotfix (03.02.2021) - Dashboarding crash fix

It sucks. I know. Been there. Maybe we console players might get another “we understand, blargh Blargh…” Someone should make a song out of their responses and post it on youtube…i bet you’d get thousands of likes…for the song I mean…hehe

We love Conan bugs or not. Devs are elite! We need the isle of siptah

Really? Elite? The only updates, that i can recall that have gone smoothly, are just DLC reskins…EVERYTHING else they write is screwed up in one way or 15…Elite, yeah…look up the definition of a word before you misuse it…

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Because Funcom doesn’t give a dam about console players. They have been shafting us for some time even before covid-19 ask those who want full nudity in the USA.

You obviously love the game thus your crying on the forums… the game has issues. But we still play and have doing it.

Yep im crying on the forums too. Your game might be working but some of our games are not working properly. And of course people care about the game its a good game when it works. And also we all spent money on the game. Maybe you have money to throw away but i dont. Defending these devs right now when my game didnt work for 6weeks and even now is a laggy buggy unenjoyable mess. For 6months now they’ve been working some stuff and this is crazy. Ive never delt with anything like this. Hopefully they can fix it but i cant defend funcom after how they have handled this whole situation.


No need to troll fellow wrestling fan.

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