Xbox Hotfix (16.11.2020) - Data corruption fix!

Greetings, Exiles!

Thank you so much for being so patient when it comes to this data corruption issues that impacted the Xbox platform.
We’re releasing a new Hotfix that will target the data corruption issue on the Xbox platform.
This is just a repack of the fix that was made last week on the 9th of November meaning that you should now be able to get back to your characters.
We will also be releasing a new Producer Letter from our Project Director, Scott Junior so keep an eye out.

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding!


  • Fixed the main cause for the false data corruption issue

It’s the hot fix for the fix of the fix hot i would love to play and see if it works but now I’m playing a new broken game called ATLAS it doesn’t crash every 10 minutes so i do hope the fix works I’m sure my friends will let me know.

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I play both :joy: games like these are very good and :heart_eyes: both as I have not gotten any of these problems others have right now so just waiting till pc patch hit console so we all can enjoy :blush:

Far too little far too late! Notice how the responses you guys recieve are fewer and fewer? That is the xbox community shrinking down to nothing before your eyes.


sorry to bother but when they are going to solve the problem, the game closes every 30 minutes or even in the cooperative, falls into endless holes, and yields to lower several times out of nowhere, and also on the ground: /

follow the letter they mention in this, Scott Junior has been releasing updates every sunday/monday telling what they are working on. This issue is known and is being worked on.

it worked great with the current patch. I’m really glad that I don’t have to see this message anymore

:rofl: :man_facepalming:


It doesn’t display the message when u start up the game. But it still says corrupted data when u exit the game, what’s up with that?


Like @Metal1 same for me and that whas already white the current update so this one actuelly didn’t do anything.

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So yeah this ‘hotfix’ didn’t fix anything at all.

Still getting corrupted data at the start and exit, still getting disconnected right after logging back after being disconnected, same stuttering cutscene that’s not skippable until halfway through…


yup noth completly gone.

Its not only that i reported blocked brimstone several times nothing happens…

You all complain about stability problems. The game is absolutely stable, we can 100% rely on nothing working :crazy_face: :rofl:


At least FC is consistent…

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  • The corruption message is still there.
  • When I go away from my base and come back (ONLINE only) , it needs extremely long until all is visible again. The hardest experience was, I came back and asked myself: Where is my base ? Then it came back piece by piece. And it is a small base…

As in someone in a public server has walked it off?

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Glad you are fixing the corruption message. It was clearly a prior-

Sorry, everything crashed to dashbo-

Sorry happened aga-

Ok ok maybe it works this time… Yes, ok. Glad you are working to address the corrup-

Dammit, I’m playing Ark.


Exactly same thing for us , funcom really does not care about us, it’s been almost 3 months, 800 hours online, the game is purely unplayable, every week we go for a ride so that it doesn’t disappear, we are on the verge of dropping everything, funcom you are the best !! continue as his :+1:

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I have crash to dash here on solo pve offline. Usually happens at the absolute WORST possible time…like in the middle of a huge fight.

The game always seems to pick the worest time to crash. Running into a village or volcano and boom all your work gone. Fix the game!

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