Xbox One Help cannot climb ladders

In the Castle of Light level and I cannot climb the ladder period I have two full action bars and am standing right near the ladder it doesnt come up as an option.

if you are in combat, you need to press up on the d-pad to change the level and select the square you wish to move to.

not completely intuitive…

Like said it wont give me an option It seems to work every other time. Needs a patch.

In combat there isn’t a prompt/option to climb a ladder, you need to push up on the d-pad (this will move your cursor up a vertical level) and then select the area you want to move to and your character will climb the ladder automatically. If that doesn’t work then sounds like another bug (there are quite a few).

Saved scummed one slot because I deleted a whole session so anyways thats what I do I go one floor up like you said and there is no white or yellow area where you can move to. Just a red “Target unreachable”. Needs a patch.