Xbox Parity Patch (14.08.2018)

I don’t see anything about support beams but mine disappeared allowing someone to walk in and loot my base

Has anyone else lost stuff placed on triangle foundations

“Various client crash fixes” I still crash everytime I connect between 4pm and 11pm. Useless patch

With new update today, when I die, I have to retrieve my body to get my stuff which is new. Also, my warpaint vanishes so I have to repaint myself after every death. Also, the star metal did almost no damage to the demon cats in the desert. Previously I could kill them with 3-4 hits but now it takes 15 or more and one cat can kill me if I don’t use hit and run tactics. I will probably sign off for awhile and wait for them to redo this patch. I like to play offline and did the level I did so I wouldn’t have to retrieve my body after every death.

You guys kill the cargo build!!
Make temporary de cargo paint its ridiculus, the paint dont stack and use dracopowder!!!
Its ridiculus guys!!

There’s supposed to me more lemurians in general along with priests at the pagoda, I’ve yet to test it though

So I log in and crash 10 secs later. I think you guys missed something. Going to single player offline mode cleared the issue… again. How much longer will this bug persist?

Please fix connection issues

Server 2580 PvP crashes every time we log in

I have already had my internet which is Verizon do port forwarding. So that’s not the issue. Bottom line is funcom does not want happy and loyal customers. There is no way after all this time you guys cannot fix the one thing that’s most important. Being able to play. I don’t think any of us care about anything else more. Keep all your content until u fix what’s broken. Stop adding making it worse. This is one of the worst gaming experiences for a lot of us. This is a new game and should have been prepared for a better experience. Plz fix connection

That sucks Xbox, welcome to the “patch” lol

Hide your stuff, it’s going to disappeeear

Crafting sucks now… Lotus potions suck… Volcanic forge you can’t look away from it or everything in the inventory will disappear… Not to mention graphics and textures suck definitely took 2 steps back(not sure if they are trying to censor nipples now or the textures just never load)… They need to revert to the previous patch and just only focus on the crashing issue which by the way has gone on way too long…Combat is horrendous as soon as you land a heavy finisher frame drops to like 2fps…I cannot understate how very disappointed I am with this patch… This game was in preview for Xbox there is no way this game should have has many bugs as it has.

Yeah, it’s definitely false advertisement claiming this game is ready for “full release.”

Isn’t this illegal?

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Have you tried going into single player for a few minutes and then returning?

I played for 3 hours after patch have not noticed any issues. Game seems to run smoother for me. Have not had anything disappearing. I hear others say of issues can it be the servers your on. I do know I have toons on other servers that have issues but the one I’m in now seems to run great. I can’t explain nor have any idea why. I just know it seems to be different from server to server.

Did you guys even test it before putting it out?

I would advise people to check out PC Updates and Bugs.
I certainly had some unanswered questions with this patch, but found that they have been addressed there.

There are certainly some new bugs on the table, but on the whole the game performs better and fixed some things that makes the experience better for me at least.
Then again, I rarely crash.

Lastly, I would also remind people that the Xbox is just a computer, and so many things apply to it that would benefit any other PC.
Upgrading with an external SSD, keep it cool, and vacuum it (from the outside!) every now and then will ensure that at least on the hardware end, things are in order.

Again, I have only a fraction of the issues other people seem to have with instability/crashes.

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Yeah I don’t think vacuuming will bring back everything that vanished, an dfix thrall bugs, purge bugs, etc


your lucky you can play it haha