Xbox Patch (11.12.2020) - DDoS Detection

Greetings, Exiles!

We’re releasing a new Patch that will introduce new server security measures against network attacks, DDoS Detection.
This measure will also help streamline the server log output in regards to network attacks.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the new feature and thank you for your continued support.

Implemented DDoS Detection


I was online when the server closed 20 minutes ago for a restart, now at the main menu it will not load the “Play Online” section, it just says there is an update needed to access full content or something like that, is that going to auto-update to conan soon? Or do I have to find it somewhere? Or is the “Play Online” feature being unavailable a bug?

Won’t need ddos protection when everyone quits because you guys can’t or won’t fix the crashing every 30 minutes


The crashing isn’t from the game, its from our hardware. Xbox one can’t handle everything in Conan. Get the xbox series x and you wont ever crash again or lag. Because it can handle it.


Restarting my Xbox and booting up Conan worked for me.

Crash for your logfile on official 2729 at approx 11:48 Pacific time.

Just go to my base at Skyholme Ruins from the Bridge of the Betrayer, up Godsclaw Passage. Cross the bridge and run up the Claw to the the center of my base at Skyholme Ruins.

You’ll crash.

Used to load fine before the update to thralls that broke the game and introduced the “corrupt files” error. I’ve even taken down some buildings, torches and etc., but it is admittedly a large base footprint with lighting and several thralls.

Crashed again at 12:12. Hopefully the logs help.
And again at 12:26

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Thanks for the update.

This is cool I guess, don’t think it’s really something a lot of xbox players are concerned about right now though (unless…)

Anyway, please set the harvest rates on official back to 2x, the change was totally uncalled for lol. We don’t have Isle of Siptah yet so what the heck? Bring in the porking thralls fix instead or at least as well??

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some what correct the issue is that players see no limits and say lets build on the entire map and place stuff here and there. but even the xs is and will have its limits but people are/or can be irresponsible or unknowing of this

I’m getting returned to the dashboard after 30 minutes offline, is the answer really get the new xbox? Cos this game used to work fine when it came out first

How about they fix all the other issues and bugs…

Havent noticed a single problem since I got the series x. The game is amazing now.

Lol just the update that was needed maybe people want keep crashing now yeah right and slipshade i have a series x too guy stop lying it still crashes AAA game yeah right been here from the start lots of people know me from this game an know i don’t bs when i say the game doesn’t work


It’s not the hardware it’s the software and maybe just bad codeing or maybe just bad developers how knows at this point the game is dead now good job funcom just like all your other games you gave up on in the past dead money


It says over on your Facebook page to make sure we leave feedback about the newest update.

So here’s some feedback -

FIX THE ■■■■■■■■ GAME.

How do you have time to put out patches for a game most of your console community can’t play because it constantly crashes?!?!

You’ve been aware of this sheeit for months. You delete these kinds of posts on your forums regularly, and sweep this issue under the rug.

I realize there’s a worldwide pandemic and people are struggling with jobs, but if you have time to have people coding against server attacks, do you honestly have the tenacity to sit there and say you can’t fix the only real problem here which is that your product crashes every 15-30 minutes for most of your XBox community.

And it’s crashed like this for almost 3/4 of a year.

Get your heads out of your ■■■■■.

We can’t play the game. PERIOD.

Patches don’t mean sheeit if we get booted every 15 minutes.

Fix your product, it’s an incredibly simple concept.


Really? What cant it handle? It used to work fine I don’t notice anything new that would change that. Same old graphics, same everything. To compare to the only game even similar, Ark has better resolutions and character models, they have way larger worlds, they have far more complex amimations and a ton more of them happening at once and the game runs perfectly fine on my system. The whole it can’t run on old systems is just not accurate at all. Just the fact that ps4 is having none of the same problems is testament to that.


So did this update help anyone i mean their’s no one playing the game because they can’t so how’s gonna get ddos? Lol guess funcom is looking to the future because right now with the way the game is there’s on one to ddos as a matter of fact i haven’t seen no one on here say anything about getting ddos people are always crying about the OOM crashes guess funcom thinks it’s funny :grin:

So how do you explain the 287 days of game play i have i didn’t do it on the sx i did it on the Xbox one i get that your a fan boy shade so am i the game worked fine on the Xbox one for almost 3 years then they broke it so please explain to me how I got so much time in

Some people cant afford a new xbox. If funcom wants to give my the 80$ back tht i spent on CE even then i couldnt afford a new box. If its sold on a system it should work on that system. Stop with the ‘‘series x’’ talk. It use to work just fine when i first got it. After the last 2 major updates like the thrall rework changes, it broke the game.


That’s right monk i been saying the same thing for weeks now i got 287 days of game play in the series x hasn’t even been out that long i put all my time in on a Xbox one and now the game doesn’t work go figure i feel like funcom doesn’t want to fix it for the Xbox one they just want to move on to the series x and f… the people that can’t afford one or just can’t get one its all bs.

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