Xbox Update (20.08.2020) - Update 41: Followers Re-Balancing, Avatar fixes and more!

Yes the new update affect all thralls placed in past or in future.

Ye I can second that, the diet box is empty, just another thing that broke.

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Me: Plays everyday for the entire duration I’m online (more or less the entire time I’m awake) from 8/17 - 8/20; never having a problem ingame and only having the game crash once, but not really crash: for the update on 8/20

Also me: Continues to play as soon as the update finishes - “Well the beginning cutscene never froze or lagged like that before, this cant be good. maybe its a prerendering type of thing” loads single player as I always do first/leaves single player, joins online server/player constructs taking even longer to render in/game begins to crash every 40-60 minutes (I actually started timing it on 8/22)/freezes for two seconds everytime the map is opened or a large inventory is opened (if it doesnt crash trying to load the inventory {player inventory or chest})

P.S. The frequent crashes seem to have something to do with player structures. Was in Unnamed City for 4 hours straight farming thrall xp and FoP, game crashed as soon as I returned to base.

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A possible fix to this is removing the thrall and placing them back, it was a problem a long while back that was also corrected by doing this.

Source: Personal - my T4 armorer and blacksmith sometimes only shows the Flawless Aquilonian equipment, doing the above returns Khitan and Pictish equipment to the crafting menu.


I personally have not found a fix. I have tried reinstalling as well as having on both internal and external storage

17/06/2020 - The severely broken “update 41” makes the game unplayable on pc.
20/08/2020 - The severely broken “update 41” makes the game unplayable on Xbox.
24/08/2020 The game is still unplayable, no response from the “community support team” for four days, they enable avatars during a disaster “update” but they left building decay on which means their customers will lose a lot of time spent and patience. You knew this would happen Funcom, why follow through with it? And NO… we can’t try and fix it for you like the pc community had to do. You actually advertised this update on Reddit, Twitter etc, it doesn’t make sense because it takes 20 seconds to realise its broken… All it takes is one human and one Xbox to test it, have you any excuses or reasons for releasing it Funcom/Tencent? Thanks


Ignasis is replying to PS4 players on Reddit who are demanding the broken “update 41” is released, why do you choose to annoy your customers instead of telling us the truth? This shows that we are blatantly being ignored. Turn building decay off if you still want a player base at the end of this nightmare?


Please fix this " update ". Corrupted files? New way to Bork the game to see how many players complain? Come on funcom. Don’t give up on us now!


Perfect way to describe it. Exactly what’s happening to me. Constantly freezes for a second ot two when opening inventory, box, map etc.
I only crashed to dashboard once outside of my base however.

bonjour je joue en mode solo sur conan jai un bug ses que il y a plus rien sur ma map plus de pnj plus de rocher plus d’arbes

Your new fixes have completely broken Conan. My Xbox data was corrupted and it tried to make me rebuy the game. Get it together before Xbox pulls your game from the store for corrupting player data. The previous patch was better then this! Just revert the version of the game until you can figure this out! I have only begun having game breaking bugs after this update! Had I known your game was this corrupted I would have asked for a refund! I enjoy this game greatly save for you follower mechanics and the fact you can only have one following you at a time! You are digging a grave for your game at this point! Either do more tests before you put a patch in action or GET ON IT when it comes to fixing GAME BREAKING AND CORRUPTING BUGS! Even the intro cutscene takes almost a hour to LOAD before this update it took SECONDS! PLEASE FIX YOUR GAME SO I MAY HAVE FUN AGAIN!
Thanks for taking to time to read my angerfueled post.


Also for anyone asking about the data being corrupted since the support team cant help I will. You data isn’t corrupted at least not with something you can fix. The update has corrupted game data and that corruption is able to spread I am unsure how but it seems to get worse the more you uninstall and reinstall. I can’t stress this enough. IGNORE THE HELP MESSAGE IT WONT HELP YOU.


en résume il faut que je me face rembourser

The whole game was better (or less bad) before they implemented the commandsystem for thralls. Now its a Coinflip if your thrall attacks or not. But what to do in this case? Hmmm lets half the HP for thralls maybe this will fix it👍


Update: I crashed 3 times yesterday in about 3h of play, however all 3 occasions happened while i was inside my base, crafting, walking around organising stuff.


Im having similar problems but it wont even let me load any of my games. Been like this for a week now. Over 80$ spent and now this update has broken the game seriously funcom fix your game.


This update has broken my game completely. I haven’t been able to play for over a week. Are you gonna fix your game ??? Because you keep saying you ‘‘fixed’’ some issues but every update it gets worse on performance. How much longer do i have to wait to actually get to play. Seriously funcom.


Seems like to me it’s a rendering issue, every time i open a box, go to map, inventory etc the game freeze for 1-2 sec.

si je racheté le jeux sa serais mieux ou pas

any chance you can write in English please?